Lots of reports pending is irritating me today.

I have 6 NSS, 1 Amusement Advantage, 1 Alta 360, and 2 Intelli-Shop that haven't been edited yet. .... the NSS ones date back to 7/22, Amusement Advantage was 7/21, Alta 360 is 7/28 and Intelli-Shop was 7/25.......
My youngest daughter (13 months) is having health issues and to take my mind off waiting for results I have been trying to concentrate on work a little more. Well these shops sitting there are starting to drive me batty.
Usually I don't pay too much attention to how long it takes to show "approved" but these past few days I have found myself checking numerous times per day.

So a prayer for good news and fast editors would be appreciated.

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

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Do you often get reports returned? If not, I wouldn't sweat it. As for your daughter, I hope all goes away soon. Hang in there. Wish I had more to say to help put your mind at ease.

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I agree with ShopSouthTexas. If you don't often have reports returned and you pretty much had your act together for these shops, you should be in good shape. And yes, I recognize refocusing worry from something that is real to something that is easier to grapple with. Take care of your daughter and enjoy some time with her rather than just worrying. Work can wait. Hugs and hopes she is better soon.
I have had 2 shops rejected in my "career "... one of those a highly bonused MF grocery shop because my dumb butt forgot it was during the week and went in the morning instead of after 4pm. Totally my fault and wished they would let me redo it.

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
I rarely get reports returned to me, but I always check several times a day when I have a report that's been submitted but not approved. I just feel better once the status switches to "approved". I feel like I'm at the mercy of the MSC until then. So I totally understand your constant checking, especially if you're trying to distract yourself from something else.

Hang in there!

Shopper in California's Bay Area
What annoys me is when my deadline to submit is 12 or even 24 hours, yet evidently the client is not expecting a quick turnaround, as the assignment may not be edited and approved for a week or longer. Generally though, I go with no news is good news.

Sending good thoughts your way, luckygirl0100.
Once I have submitted my report, I go for the next projects. It is counterproductive to be worrying about shops I had completed. If I don't hear about them, I presume they went through. I never ever check if they are pending or accepted. The few occasions they contact me, I give them what they want and then on to the shops I have to complete.

Luckygirl0100, unless you are concerned about something in the reports, which definitely should be relayed to your scheduler asap, please relax! You have completed them already. No news yet about them, then in all probability, they were accepted. If they were not, then cross the bridge when you reach it. Worrying about your past completed shops will only make you lose your focus on your present and future shops. As I said earlier, it is counterproductive. Good luck and remain positive. We are rooting for you.
@risinghorizon wrote:

Once I have submitted my report, I go for the next projects. It is counterproductive to be worrying about shops I had completed.
I agree 100%. Worrying just causes more stress and wrinkles!
I hope that all is well with you and your child.

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Thanks everyone. .. she is having a biopsy on her liver, to determine the type of glycogen storage disease she was born with. Waiting for answers is the hardest part

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
Luckygirl... I am no psychologist but I think that you might be transferring your worry about your daughter to the shops that are not yet edited. Like every one says, the shops are done. It's OK to focus on your daughter. If your screen name is "word", you have nothing to worry about!

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It's amazing what you learn about the differences in personalities. I would have never even possibly thought any shopper would constantly check on submitted reports to make sure they were approved.

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I will under certain circumstances. If there was anything hinky about the shop, if the MSC has a bad habit of not sending clarification emails while often asking for clarification (GFK and Intellishop come to mind) or if it is a new to me company. In other words, not very often.

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I check for approval. I even keep a list of shops and check them off once I know they are okay. Call me crazy!
@pampet wrote:

I check for approval. I even keep a list of shops and check them off once I know they are okay. Call me crazy!

I do that too... when I move a shop from my "to do" worksheet in excel to my "payment pending" worksheet, I highlight the shop until it's been approved by the MSC. Once approved, it sits there sad and lonely and unhighlighted until the happiest day in its life: the day it gets moved over to the "paid" worksheet where all the cool jobs hang out.

Shopper in California's Bay Area
I have my Excel spreadsheet color-coded for the different status levels and the colors change automatically according to their status. I really don't need to do much once the job info has been recorded.
@luckygirl0100, hope your child is well, it's always agonizing waiting for test results.

However, there are some companies you just don't know like the Prophet system, is there a way to tell when the shop is approved?
I did a few with Jancyn, same client, I emailed the scheduler after the first one just asking is everything all good since I had three more on the calendar wanted to make sure it was all good bf I kept going. Also, just did one for Monterey, and since it was my first car shop, I wish I knew if it was approved or not, guess I have to wait!
With Prophet, there's a list of completed shops, but I don't believe it gives you any information about whether or not it was accepted. I always assume that if it says "completed" (unless it's Sassie, then it needs to say "Received"winking smiley and I didn't received an email stating otherwise, that it's been accepted.
I honestly never check. smiling smiley Okay, maybe if an assignment is "iffy" possible QC notice I am looking for it..but that is rare...
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