Grocery Store Pricing Audits

Hello all,
I'm doing my first grocery store price audit this weekend. I've read forum messages about how long it takes and stuff like that, so I'm just going to take a run at it and see what happens. My question for the group is, does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do these? How do you avoid getting caught? What do you do if you do get caught?

Any help at all is great. I know I'll use a shopping cart to disguise myself as a normal customer and no, I won't leave the cart in the store for an employee to deal with. I just have questions on the "how" part.

Also, the scheduler has said I'm assigned but they do not show up on my Shop Log on the company's site. I'm nervous about that, but is that normal?


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Pick up the phone and call the scheduler to make sure the shop gets on your log. If it is not there you may not be able to see the full guidelines and you may not be able to file the report. I won't go out on a shop if I don't see it on my log. And since today is Friday, your scheduler may be unavailable over the weekend.
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