Report is obnoxious!

I did a storage shop and actually I have lots of them to do yet. Anyway, the report is so horrific that every question has to be mentioned in the narrative at the bottom. If your target was a female that was 5'5" and had black hair it all must be in a paragraph... and there are over 40 questions. I will be up all night doing this stinking report. And, tomorrow is my 30th anniversary so I wanted to be to bed early! :-) I wish in the future we could have a separate area here to see if they have good or bad reports... so we can check it before applying for the shop. Just my thought.... going to rest my sore feet... later.


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Good news is once you have your template all future reports will be very easy to put together.

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Isaiah58, you were right! I did a template, changed the vital information and bingo I flew through the reports. Thanks.


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