Docked point for late report, but was submitted on time per Guidelines

So, I did the bar shops on Saturday. The Guidelines said I had to submit the details within 24 hours of the shop. I started the report, and saved it. I received an email that it was past due. Wrote to the Scheduler, and she said I'm fine in terms of deadline, keep working on it. Submitted it, and emailed the Scheduler when I submitted. I submitted report within the 24 hours, as requested. Now, I was docked a point because it wasn't submitted on time. I want to do well on this shop, because I want to do this shop again in the future. Who do I write to to have my mark corrected? The Scheduler? I don't have the Editor's name/contact info, and I didn't receive an email with my grade (only saw it when I logged into the MSC to check the shop status).

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It could be miscommunication between the scheduler and the editor. Who knows.

Did you get your pay deducted?
Did your rating drop low enough to lock certain features such as self-assigning or losing eligibility for other shops?

If none of the above occurred, don't stress about it. If so, just inquire with the scheduler explaining your case and why you believe it would affect your work with the MSC in the future.

If you're interested in doing a shop for the same client / project again, just shoot out an email to the scheduler detailing what happened on this assignment and ask clarification on which direction to follow 24 hour or the more stringent deadline. You can also verify with the scheduler if the editor's comment's something you need to keep yourself aware of.

Forget about correcting the mark; instead, focus on learning where the discrepancy and possible miscommunication came from, and then carry what you learn from the MSC over with you to your next shop with them.

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People are all over the place on timezones. The shop could be in CA and the editor lives in FL. This can cause all sorts of confusion.
I've noticed a few times shop having a guideline for hours but then also for the shop saying it needs to be submitted on the same day...
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