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The instructions say that you need to get the name of the manager, and it is usually posted. For anyone who has done these before, where did you find the name of the manager? Or did you have to ask an employee? And if so, what did you say? I'm happy to receive any feedback! Thanks!

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I have seen the name of the manager for these shops posted in the bathroom. Seriously.
Pay attention to:

The entrance of the store

around windows or doorways

Signs near the registers

Signs in or near the fitting rooms

Signs in or near the restrooms

Signs near an employee break room

I think stores in the same chain tend to place these kinds of signs in the same places, but they will sometimes be out of compliance. I've done shops in all different kinds of stores, and these seem to be the most common areas. You CAN ask an employee and are typically required to do so on these kinds of shops if you can't get the name any other way. Sometimes, you will also luck out and see a manager walking around or performing some kind of task within the store. If their nametag says Manager..well, so much the easier!

Ways you can ask for the Manager's name:

"Can you tell me the name of your manager?/What's your manager's name?" (You technically do not even have to give them a reason. The employees are required to answer this question.)

"I see/was told that you are hiring and want to forward my resume. What's you manager's name?"

"My friend/child/niece/nephew/cousin/significant other/ some other contact is looking for a job, and I see that you're hiring. What's your manager's name?"

"Is so-and-so still the manager here?" (Managers' names are sometimes listed on websites, and if you do this shop again, you may remember the name----there are any number of reasons why you might already know a manager's name, and they know it.)

Just go with whichever way seems the most natural to you. You might want to check your guidelines again, as well----you are sometimes required to tell the manager if you spot certain kinds of problems during these shops, so if that happens, it also makes it easy to get their name. I've almost always been able to get Managers' names without having to ask anybody. You'll most likely be there long enough that you'll either see a Manager in the store or you'll be able to find a sign somewhere. You could also ask at a Customer Service counter, if they have one.

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Ha ha. In the bathroom? That's funny. Thanks for the help!

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Yup. You're welcome. I guess a filthy bathroom would be one of the most common situations which would definitely require a manager's attention, and they know that many people won't even use public restrooms. I think those stores are trying to protect the privacy/safety of the employees while still doing close to the 'bare minimum'. Granted, Managers are busy and disruptions to their work need to be minimized, but the restroom...? A large percentage of customers probably wouldn't even want to go into a public restroom no matter where it was.

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In my store it is always next to the returns desk/register right at the front of the store. It is a poster sized sign in a plain metal standing frame. Usually the loss prevention employee is standing right next to it.

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I just find someone and ask for the manager's name. If they look skeptical I tell them it's for a store survey. Never had a problem.

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@kenasch wrote:

Just saw one of these listed with another company. Has jancyn lost the account?

My Jancyn page shows several waiting to be scheduled.

ETA clarification.

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday

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Mine too, but this other company has a couple listed in traditionally hard to fill locations.
It must be a company I'm not signed with. Do they pay the same?

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday
yes I have done several and seen the name both in the bathroom sign on door and a sign near the entrance metal frame. If not in one of two places I ask.

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@goldilox wrote:

It must be a company I'm not signed with. Do they pay the same?

They are actually paying a few dollars more for exactly the same shop.
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