Thanks to Alan (KSS) and Dawn (New Image).

I just wanted to thank Alan and Dawn who are 2 terrific schedulers. Had car and financial problems this week and they worked with me to get my shops rescheduled. So professional and understanding without any of the "you will be dinged for this" type of attitude that I have seen some schedulers exhibit. Thanks again for taking the stress and pressure off me for a few days. One MSC (which will remain unnamed) sent me a note telling me how "unprofessional" it was to reschedule a shop twice. I know it is unprofessional but life happens. I was removed from their shoppers list. Not such a big deal since their pay is so slow and I had only done a few jobs for them but it did make me feel really bad for a second - haha. Anyways thanks again.

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Alan at KSS is great, and so is Nola. I won't mention the one really terrible scheduler who spoils the company's reputation - I was told there were plenty of complaints. Still there though.
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