Market Force site error - has it happened to you?

I was most of the way through a report on today's audit, when the site gave me an error message. Looks serious. Cannot log back in.

Sent email to the help desk, as instructed. Anyone ever run into anything like this with them before? Will they extend time for today's report to be completed?

And then there are two more shops for tomorrow I need to review.

(I've read here about long-time shoppers being suddenly deactivated for no apparent reason, so I'm probably more paranoid than I should be. Or posting this message will jinx the site back to life...)


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I too am unable to log in right now. Either they deactivated us both at the same time, or there is a problem with the site. Probably the latter .. but you never know.
Then I got axed, too. I'm going to have to dig up the reminder email to figure out if my wing shop is dine-in or phone ahead...I'm sure it's the latter.
I've been here for the last 20 minutes wondering if they deactivated me too. Either they got us all, or they're having some big issues.
Yep. I'm out too for some reason. Have one last report to do and my day is done so I'm just waiting on them. :/

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I may just reschedule my shop then. I've got shop pizza to hold me over...but I'm really close to the location. Sigh.

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Thanks, everyone, for your replies!

It probably is a site issue. Guess I'll charge up my camera and play with MobiAudit while I wait to see if the site comes back.

Trying Chrome didn't fix this.
It appears to be back now.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
It is back...whew! And there's a message about site maintenance on Wednesday in the middle of the day Eastern time.
I could not log on my Mac desktop starting at 7 pm EST. Error messages. However, I was able to log in my iPad and filed my report that way. Took forever, but it worked. MF has announced software maintenance for Wednesday. I don't think any deactivations occurred.

No fee, no shop.
@emccded wrote:

I don't think any deactivations occurred.

That wasn't ever really a worry. When they deactivate I believe you can still log in, you just don't have the "WebFC Select Shops" button.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I love this site. It was down for more than an hour when I needed it. Thank God they fixed it before I had to go to my night job. I wouldn't have been able to report my two remaining shops and I wanted to get paid for them. Thanks again everyone.
@bgriffin wrote:

It appears to be back now.

Whew! That was long!..tongue sticking out smiley

Not counting this afternoon, in the past few days has anyone noticed that when you go to hit "submit" the page freezes, then a warning comes up saying "marketforceshopper site is not responding" (or something to that effect) and then you have to wait until it reloads to submit?
I noted on Saturday night that the site was painfully slow but got no error messages or 'not responding' messages. I did note, when I tried the site when folks were saying it was down, that pages turned really fast. I don't know whether it was fewer shoppers on site or whether they rebooted the server to clear out accumulated whatevers.
I would guess you logged in right after a server reboot and few people had logged in.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I could get in using Chrome on my Android phone. Chrome and IE were giving me errors from several PCs at work. All around 7pm as others noted.

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I had issues on Friday night. The survey kept hanging. I must have logged in and out about a dozen times trying to get my report done.
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