Registering with multiple companies using social security number

I have done a few shops now using 3 different companies, each requiring I include my social security number upon registration. I have searched the forum for information but not finding the answer to my question. My question is, should I be cautious with how many companies I sign up with given most require ss#? I did see a thread talking about getting a EIN. I am anxious to sign up for shops and make some money but don't want to be stupid about it. I think any time you put your social security number on the internet, it opens you up for trouble. This includes banking online and doing taxes online. BTW, this forum is awesome! I wouldn't be so quick to put my ss# out there and register with all of these companies had I not done some research through the forum.

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Kristie, I understand how you feel about putting your SS# out there on the web.

Here's are some precautions that I take:

use PayPal when available;
if inputting your SS#, make sure the connection is encrypted...if it isn't, move on.
defer adding your social until you are sure that you will be shopping for them;
finally, keep track of who you give your information to.

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Thanks HonnyBrown. I am only applying with companies that I see have available shops in my area. Mostly through Jobslinger.
I just double check that they are a legitimate company, easily done by doing a search here in the forum. I'm registered with close to 100 and haven't had a problem yet.
As long as it's a legitimate company it's hard to imagine there is much to be concerned about. MSC's have such small numbers of customer data that they are not a big target for someone who is attempting to steal information. If you're a hacker and you're going to spend hours getting into a system, are you going after 50,000 social security numbers or 2 million?

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When I signed up with many of the companies,I found I could enter 999-99-9999 as my SSN. This often allowed me to at least get into the site to see if they had jobs in my area. To actually claim a job, I may have had to update my profile with the real number, although I don't really recall.
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