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I am wondering if anyone has done a property condition report for Trendsource? There is one near me, and I am wondering if they are hard to do? I have a decent camera, and the location is in an industrial park.

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breestjon, I do quite a few of them. They can range from simple to complex. The simple ones require a lot of photos inside and outside. The more complex ones can require a sit down interview with the customer and an aerial or 3D drawing. You are basically making sure that the company is doing what it says it's doing. Mine have ranged from $17-$40.

ETA: It's imperative that you call the client within 4 hours of accepting the shop. The call is to make an appointment at whatever time fits your schedules. Trend Source would like the inspection completed in two days, but that's not always possible.

There may be times when you can't get ahold of the client. In that case, your project is put on hold until you get further notice from Trend Source.

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I'm an engineer for my day job, so I have the latest equipment and software at work and the software at home. One shop I did for them, I did the drawing by hand. I was so proud of myself!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
The ones I did required measuring the perimeter of the building with a rolling tape measure.
Thanks for your reply dhilpert, I accepted the inspection. It did not say anything about measuring the building, but I will keep that in mind if I am considering other inspections.
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