Too many incidents happened on shop to include in the report....

So, I had a shop today. A lot of things happened on the shop. However, I can't explain everything in the report, as there is a character limit.

What do I do? Should I email the Scheduler and write it all in detail in the email, and in point form in the report? Or, should I put it in point form in the report, and see if they come back to me for more information?

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I would let the scheduler know and see what advice they have to offer

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Definitely e-mail with the additional info. It irks me, those "character" limits. Sometimes, no matter how concise your writing, what happened just won't fit in 250 characters! 250 WORDS, maybe, but not one-fifth of that!
Thanks friends! I emailed the Scheduler with all the details, and asked her to advise how she'd like me to proceed. I did still do the report, and submit it, to make the deadline. I told her in the email I would do that, and that she should get back to me if there's anything else I should include.
If it is a low paying shop and they have a low character limit, I look at the questions asked and stick to ONLY the items that are asked and ignore the crack/meth dealer in the dining room. They did not ask about the customer. If they did not ask any questions about the facility, then they don't want to know that the roof had a tile cave in from a water leak in the roof and that one of the bathroom stalls is screwed shut. The available stalls had supplies and the crew members did what they were asking, so that is what is reported.

The way I see it, if they wanted to know more detail, they would ask open ended questions and provide enough space to answer the questions.
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