My first really "negative" report

So I did a heavily bonused new car shop for Intellishop on the 5th. I have usually received some sort of response/grade from the editor within 3 days of submitting my shop, and have had no problems with them in the past. My report is still sitting in my log over a week later.

This particular new car shop was just awful. The salesman was terrible. He was texting during the test drive. I had to prompt him twice for directions during the test drive because he wasn't paying attention. There were long and awkward silences during the demonstration portion of the shop while I waited for him to show me the features I had expressed were important to me (based on my guidelines). I could go on, but it was just not a good experience at all.

I'm going to email the scheduler today and ask about the report. However, the paranoid part of my brain thinks they're sitting on this because I reported all of the above.

I used to see a life coach pretty regularly.... back when they were called bartenders.

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I had a new car shop where the salesman tried to convince me that a little Honda they had just taken in on trade would be perfect for me. Ooops! And a jewelry shop where I was looking at $3,000 diamonds, and the salesman "suggested" I should check out the jewelry counter at J C Penney's!
Awkward silence seems much longer than it really is. I have stood next to a salesman waiting for them to do the next required thing and it seemed like three minutes of silence. I then played back the recording and it was 50 seconds.

If an employee is sending customers to another competing business, this is exactly what the client needs to know. If your in a two party state, I'd have emailed that little piece of conversation to the MSC when sending in the report, so they will 100% back your statement that will undoubtedly be challenged by the soon to be terminated employee.
@scanman1, I would have to check whether or not the two states that I do work in are two party states. I'm not crazy about recording all my transactions, but that's because I feel uncomfortable about being recorded myself.

Funny, but I think that in normal conversation 50 seconds is a pretty long time.

I don't mind if they contest it. But I would at least like to know if that's the hold up. I know these things happen. I would just prefer better communication.

I used to see a life coach pretty regularly.... back when they were called bartenders.
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