How do I get into the SASSIE system for Kern

I just did another bank shop for Kern and am now trying to do the report. I've done shops for this MSC before and recall having the exact same problem doing my reports. I have to go someplace else to log in to do the report and I don't recall how I was able to do it. Will someone please walk me through this. I have another shop for the same bank of Friday. Thank you.

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You open up where you view/submit as if you are going to do the shop on Sassie but then it gives you the link to go to the other site. Fill it out on the other site, submit and then go back to Sassie and submit there too.
I can't do that for this shop. All I have is finish shop. I'm really confused on this and don't understand why KERN has to make it so difficult. None of the other MSC companies are this difficult to get in to do the reports. Thank you.
View/Submit changes to Finish Shop if you have entered anything into the form. Did the shop require making an appointment then returning to the form to input the date so a scheduler could correct the due date?

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I put in the date and then checked save evaluation for later. That is probably why I am getting the finish shop. When I click on finish shop I go to a page where I can select edit this shop. Clicking on that brings me right back to where I started. This is crazy.
You are doing a shop for which Kern is just the scheduler. They should have emailed you a link in order for you to enter it on the Kinesis website. After you enter all of the required information on the Kinesis website, you go back to the Kern Sassie site and simply say that you are done. I did 7 of these last year, and more in previous years. Kinesis is the actual MSC, but you can't apply for shops on their website. They always use a scheduling company. The pay is reasonable compared to what is required and the time it takes to complete the report.

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Is this the message you are getting:

"This Evaluation has been submitted to KSS International, and you will not be able to make any changes.

If this was not your intention, please click this button: ==Oops! I still need to edit this Evaluation!==

Otherwise, you may close and return to Shop Log or save a PDF of this Evaluation"

If, so do NOT click the Ooops! button if you do not want to edit. You have submitted the report. You are done. All you need to do is exit. If you click the Ooops button you will go right back to the report.
Repeat - I am confidant that this is a bank shop scheduled by Kern for Kinesis. It is reported on the Kinesis website. THEN and only then, you answer one question on the Kern Sassie site to indicate that you have completed the report on the Kinesis website. You will be paid by Kinesis using PayPal.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Thank you everyone. I did click onto the link provided to finish the shop. That brings me into the shopper log that shows my shops done and pending. I have e-mailed the scheduler twice for help. Time difference so I haven't heard back from him.
@Clamchatter wrote:

Thank you all. I have it finally figured out.

I do the bank shops. They suck,

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