I already received a W-2 and a 1099!

Yesterday in the mail, I received a W-2 and a 1099 statement and was quite surprised to see them so early. smiling smiley

Have you guys received any 1099's or W-2's yet?

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I received a 1099 via secure electronic download from Ath Power on January 19th as well. I also received a W2 form (not mystery shopping) by secure electronic download on the same date.

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Sounds like your ready to go to H&R Block and get fleeced with a rapid refund card. They have new balloons this year and a contest where you are entered to win $1,000 in a nationwide contest.

It's funny how they will have 4-5 boxes of those rapid refund cards at the location in the poor area of town. I visited a location in the posh area of town and they had 1/2 a box of last years cards still and only one box of cards for this year.
One electronic transfer(non mystery shopping)a w2 from social security(mail)and others promised for the first of February.
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