Deactivated after successfully completing over 500 shops?

Suddenly without warning I have been deactivated from the company I do the most shops for. I did 3 yesterday and entered 2 just fine but last night when I went to enter the third shop it would not let me. I am so confused and they will not respond to me about what happened. Has this happened to anyone else today? I am distraught!

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If you are talking about the large MSC it does happen quite frequently. There are many threads about this topic. Seems nobody ever finds out why they were deactivated but there are some theories. I would be distraught also! I am always waiting to be deactivated since I passed the 500 mile stone a couple of years back.
Isn't MarketForce having website problems preventing shops from being entered? If so my guess is their Help Desk is overwhelmed right now and it may have been an error on their part. Otherwise you are just joining the thousands of shoppers who were eventually deactivated, often after performing a lot of shops in a short period of time. If that's the case all you can do is move in. Market Force is not known to be fans of the professional shopper, preferring contractors who perform a shop here and there. There are almost 200 other MSCs out there.

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Yes, maybe it's just a glitch? Why would they not want the results from the last shop that you did, unless it was late maybe? They do have that new 8 hour report time policy.
Thanks-no not late for last nights shop bc I went to enter when I got home-shopped at 6:45pm and it would not let me. I am just upset that after being so dependable they would just drop me.
Typically when MF deactivates someone, they tell them to complete the shops already assigned to them. There have been recent reports of problems with the site. The sure-fire way of knowing that you have been deactivated is that you can no longer search for or assign new jobs.

If you have been deactivated, welcome to The Club. I got a commendation for completing something like 750 shops, and within a few weeks I was told that I was deactivated because I was either too hard or too easy compared to an average shopper. When I appealed, they told me that the high security associated with their proprietary software prevented them from telling me anything else. I moved on, and in a few months was better off without them since I had more schedule flexibility. I still recommend them to new shoppers. As someone pointed out, they prefer new shoppers. A few people have cited a court case where MF said that their qualification criterion for a shopper is that they be breathing when they do the shop.

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I would say e-mail the Help Desk. If this is Market Force, MF does not deactivate shoppers by blocking them from submitting reports for completed shops. If MF decides to deactivate a shopper, the View New Shops option disappears from the shopper's menu, so the shopper cannot self-assign any future shops. Usually, the company does not even cancel any of the shops the shopper has already self-assigned, so a shopper can usually finish out the month with already-assigned shops. Only in cases of suspected fraud or something very serious does MF remove already-assigned shops. And they don't block access to the website, merely the ability to view new shops and self-assign. This sounds like a problem with the website rather than a deactivation.
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