Gas station shops - the company that has the most of them. ARE THEY PAYING LATE?

I have shopped with this company for 4 yrs. They have always been on time and only pay by check in the mail. In the last two pay periods, my checks have arrived extremely late. I am waiting for a 1/15/16 check to arrive. Back in December, a 12/15/15 check did not arrive until the after the New Year. Is anyone else having these issues?

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Sometimes 2 weeks is not extremely late. Based o your history with the company that time frame looks about normal. Keep in mine that between 12/15/15 and 1/15/16 three holidays have been in affect including maybe a week of Chanukah Feliz Navivdad, regular Christmas, Kwanzaa and Dr King Holiday. So, while this company may or may not celebrate these holidays, the post service did. Payment issues are not an issue unless it is more than 60 days and they still have not paid at 90 days or beyondsad smiley.

Sit back and wait for your check.------->It is probably in the mailsmiling smiley.
FYI, Feliz Navidad is simply Spanish for Happy or Merry Christmas, not a unique holiday. I'm also not aware of any businesses being closed for Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.

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I know.smiling smiley I did not want the OP to think that is check was not being processed under normal circumstances. After all, they did say the check was "extremely late"smiling smiley.
i received my payment 2 days ago, so yea, i'm experiencing the delay too.

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I'm also not aware of any businesses being closed for Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.

I used to work for a auto parts company in Morton Grove Il, which is close to the North shorer of Chicago. Many of the auto repair shops in the Jewish neighborhoods of the Northeast Chicago and the suburbs do close for Hanukkah.
I have never had a late check from this company. Keep in mind that there has been some severe weather in parts of the country as well. Even if it is nice where they are and where you are you never know how the mail gets routed....
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