Seashore gas station shop

I know there has been a lot of recent discussion about this brand of gas station shop, me included. In fact I stopped doing them for a while due to what I considered ticky-tack editor red cards. Well, either I have improved or the editors have eased up, or both. I did 9 at the beginning of this week at some distance from my home but at a very nice bonus. I was hesitant to accept them because I didn't want to return up to 80 miles for a photo that was unacceptable. Two of the 9 were put on hold but both were my fault. One I submitted an overall photo for the building photo and the second I hit a no response when it should have been yes. Both shops were quickly corrected and accepted.

What have I learned? First to take many more photos than I think I may need, particularly inside. Second get in a rhythm of photo taking for each shop. That is, take the photos in the same sequence for each shop. Third, although I have a detailed work sheet, I have to update it, eliminating some superfluous things such as neatness of the check out area or stock level of the store. Most of the time (99%) I find that this is a yes answer. If it isn't, I can make a note of it. And highlight the really important areas, the ones that have specific reference, such as Shell campaign & promo, MID, cleanliness of forecourt and canopy, location of rest room, etc. I also learned that the purpose of the red security sticker is to prevent the card payment area being compromised and should cover both a portion of the pump and credit card cover. It has nothing to do with the yellow weights and measure sticker.

I feel much more comfortable doing this shop and will accept more as they become available.

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I took two and did them the other day. One had a hold that I detailed in that other thread, and the other went off without a hitch. I took 4 more scheduled for about 10 days from now so we will see. I will say that I have been at pains to be very thorough and take a lot more pictures inside than I actually need. I think I will create another worksheet for these. But I'm still not taking any that are more than 35 miles away. Last year I cleaned up on remote locations.
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