MSCs that have restaurant shops

What are some good MSCs that offer restaurant shops? You don't have to give the actual names of restaurants. I am interested in more of those types of shops and don't know what companies to look for. smiling smiley

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If you search the forums for restaurant shop, you'll find some good threads about just that. smiling smiley
IsecretShop and JobSlinger are web programs that connect you to MSCs faster than manually filling in all of Prophet and Sassie's using "Express Set Up". I revealed no private or confidential data so start signing up with platforms built to speed up a process some people find slow.

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TechSavvy, you rock! I registered to find a shop I have been looking for a lonnnng time.... BRAVO!! Yay!! Woohoo!! smiling smiley
Cool! It pays to sign up with every legitimate MSC out there since clients hop from company to company and you never know where one might end up.
The shop I applied for pays $24 and reimburses $10. The company that used to have these paid a fee (starting fee) of $9 with reimbursement of $5. The fee would go up if no one took the shop..... but there is quite a difference between the two MSP's. smiling smiley
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