100 Shops Completed for Marketforce.

I've done 100 shops for Marketforce in an 8 month period. I heard that MF deactivates a lot of people and I want to know how many shops you've completed for MF before you were deactivated.


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I have done whole lot more than that and I still have not been deactivated. But if they keep messing around with making shops worse and for less money I may deactivate them!
Just don't cancel too much and make sure you report on time...I have been with them a very long time, but I don't do that many for them currently. I wonder if when they deactivate it has anything to do with having a lot of shoppers in one particular area?
I am probably way over 1000 and was a little worried when I reached the 250 mark because of deactivation. Has not happened yet but tomorrow may be another story.
I don't worry too much about them. I do not get too many calls from them, and the emails are manageable. A trick a scheduler (and confirmed by others) told me years ago is to be a well rounded shopper for them. Accept a shop from the site, email, phone call. If you are a bonus-only shopper, your risk of being deactivated grows. Maybe you are one of the few shoppers in a certain area. Good for you, but that can change.

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I've done two shops for them in the past year. The majority of their shops in this area are burger shops. I do the non-food shops when they pop up. That doesn't seem to be very often.

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I accept base pay shops once or twice a month to keep the bonus offers rolling in. I don't mind really as the reports are simple. I like the retail ones where you have to carry a large item. I have no idea why or when they deactivate people so I'm just not going to worry about it. With all the companies I like, I make sure I take at least a few base pay shops of various kinds from time to time. With some companies I take lots of them to route.

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I started working for them in 2009 and I've done almost 2,000 shops. I don't think you need to worry about hitting a volume limit - unless maybe it's 2,000. If it's 2,000, I'll let everyone know. I project I will reach 2,000 in about 3 months.

MF does deactivate a lot of people. I think it has a lot more to do with performance than people realize, and, keep in mind THEIR perception of a shopper's performance may well be very different from the shopper's perception of their performance. And, new shoppers sign up every day. Shoppers are a dime a dozen to MF. If they have 50 shoppers in one geographic area, they can weed some out. So if you live in an area with a lot of competition, you may be weeded out faster than if you live in an area of little competition.
I have a couple of friends who were either partially deactivated or completely deactivated. The partial seems to be because the shopper seemed to always have perfect shops and any narrative was too much the same as the last. The complete deactivation was because the shopper kept arguing with the editors when they asked said shopper to reiterate times at the location, time to service, etc. Said shopper did not like having to repeat these items for clarification after the client asked to make sure that the timings were correct.

And again, to repeat former posts: Take a few various base pay jobs. They don't seem to like shoppers who work for bonuses only. I have another friend on that train and things might end nicely on that one either!
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