Hardest report you've ever written?

I think the current report I've been banging my head against a wall for a day and a half now may take the cake; it's a fine dining restaurant review which my girlfriend used as an excuse to break up with me during. Suffice to say my notes are not particularly well organized and I cannot precisely use my bouts of inconsolable sobbing as time stamps (though the wine service was very timely, and very necessary.)

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Condolences. Certainly a shop you would like not to remember now or ever. Just 'get 'er dun' and move on from everything associated with the shop. I certainly would not even attempt to top your misery for 'worst shop'.
If ever we had a contest, you would be the unfortunate winner.

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I agree with Lisa. No one can top that. And if they can, I wouldn't want to read it.

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So I saw the thread title and thought, oh I have something to talk about. Then I read the first post.

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That sucks. Poor timing on her part. It's funny that this thread came up. I just finished writing a casino report involving 13 different interactions. My head is spinning and I'm exhausted. At least the food was good, but I lost at the slots and tables.
Poor timing is an understatement. It was cruel. She had to know what kind of concentration and attention to detail is needed for a fine dining shop.
Sorry to hear that, Misanthrope.

I feel for you, and have been there, but know that when you are ready to re-enter the dating world, your fine-dining MS skills will be invaluable....
Breaking up is hard to do but then having to write a report on it you poor thing.

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Never mind naming the MSC or client, I think you should name the girlfriend so we can publicly shame her for being an awful person.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I'm sorry this happened. What an awful time to break up.

I think if this happened to me, I would try to reschedule the shop if at all possible. The report won't be up to snuff with all that emotion. Plus, the timings and service could be off if a server was trying to give you two some space.
So sorry that happened to you. I hope it all works out in the end and you can send in a smashing report. Don't let her get in between you and your money.
How terrible! Treat that report like an old band-aid and rip it off all at once and don't look back.
OH, NO! You'll never forget this shop.

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Kinda gives new meaning to the, "How was the atmosphere?" question. Just write the report quick. You should submit it. Don't add no fee and a bad mark from the MSC to your awful evening.
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