MSC start/stop times to min. then expecting them to add up to min and second timings in report.

Hundreds of shops under my belt and this still drives me crazy. Today it was a computer system that insists if I entered at 12:35 and exited at 12:39 then the max. time to complete my transaction must be less than four minutes, not the four min 11 seconds it actually took. I had the same issue two days ago with a different MSC report. If you want measurements to‚Äč the second then keep everything to the second... ugh... OK rant over

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Sounds like a certain take out pizza shop. I can never get the times accepted on the first try for that one.
It can be a pain because no times seem to line up. My watch might not match the receipt time so the start/stop times I do can be complete skewed because of receipt. I have to adjust as much as I can but if it's completely wrong, I email the MSC to let them know. They advise me from there.
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