Has anyone done payday loan shops? I need advice on a PITA report....

I foolishly decided to take a payday loan shop in a sketchy neighborhood (without asking for a higher bonus) and now I'm paying for it.

If anyone is familiar with this particular MSCs model and how they like reports done for these types of shops, I could use your advice. I have some issues with my social security card that need to go into the report, but I don't want to get dinged for adding "identifying information that would out me as the shopper". However, the SSN is supposedly not even required so I can't imagine why they would need to have my physical card AND make a photocopy of it.

My scheduler is unavailable, and phone number goes to voice mail. Should I just put it in there? I can't just leave it out of the report. I've done 7 of these shops before at different locations, and not once has this been a requirement.

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I did a payday loan once, and only once. They also wanted my SS number and I was suppose to ask how they kept it secure. I was to get a prepaid card. I hesitated giving all the identifying information. The entire shop was a nightmare from start to finish and of course I didn't get paid or reimbursed. They are on my no-no list of shops I don't do no matter the cost or plea.
I understand this is a different question and my response would be... no. I wouldn't give my SS for any reason other than payment. Putting it willy nilly on a report would raise flags for me. Perhaps try 000-00-0000 until you get a scheduler.
I also did one and only one. My SS was not required. I agree with schylarsok; use the 0s until you reach a scheduler.

I had so many issues with this shop. First, the editor never opened the photos of the receipts that I sent. She said they were not the correct ones. I told her to open them so she could see the details (they did not look like the receipts in the guidelines). She dinged me because she had to contact me more than once. Also, I did not get reimbursed for the money I spent until I contacted the client several months after the shop.


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The issue isn't my actual number, just discussing the fact that it was provided. The rules are that you are not supposed to name any documents you provided, but not only is this not a required document, the number isn't even required to take out a loan. these shop guidelines don't address anything about a ssn, probably because it's not something you have to provide. And because its a bad neighborhood I don't want identity theft to be an issue. I would hate to put it in the report and it get rejected and then get a random credit card in my name on top of that! Or even worse, they editor takes it out of the report and they keep running this scheme on other people. I've had good experiences doing these shops; this one was on the opposite end of the spectrum.

schylarsok, I've done the shop you're talking about; I had done business there before so they already had my soc. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I'm leery about giving out my soc also, and I don't know why my BS meter didn't go off until after the damage was done.

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