CHALLENGED REPORT: Will all others be put under the microscope???

So a shop report was challenged by the client who had received an overall positive rating with the only negative involving an employee interaction. Will the client and/or msc scrutinize all additional shops done by me for this same client??? Was my name revealed to the client??

No further details will be provided as the msc reads this board. I certainly agree with the client's right to challenge shop staying away from this client for now...

Many Thanks

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Who could know?!?! It may have been the on site manager that challenged and the client simply passed the question along. A thousand variables could enter into a unique answer for this particular combo of MSC/client/local manager/associate. Were I in your shoes, I would try to chat with the scheduler about what is likely to unfold in future. "As a professional shopper, I am interested in how this may affect you view, or the client's reaction to, any future assignments that I complete." Or something like that.

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I agree that it is disconcerting. I had a 2 hour shop reviewed on video tape by a restaurant owner. The bartender said that I took my drink from the table to the bar. (Hurray for partners who need to step outside to smoke!) Obviously, she was mistaken or lied. My timings were perfect to the second. I will be extra careful every time I do anything for this client though. It made me think: did I pick my nose, adjust my bra or do anything else weird? smiling smiley

I think that as long as everything was verified, you will be fine.
There is no way for any of us to know unless we work for that MSC or that client. Ask the scheduler or editor.
There is a fast food client that uses reports for their shareholder meetings- I had one 'reviewed" and thrown out because the client said that I failed to stand in the right place. There was a lot of horseplay going on with the employees that I explained in details- yet when they reviewed the tape they said the report was not useable because I stood too far from the counter. When in actuality I stood right to the side of the pickup area. The MSC said the client refused to accept the report. So go figure- I do not shop for that client anymore or if I do- I a think long and hard about saying one negative thing.
There is a certain MSC I don't shop with anymore for that very reason. In the last year or so that I shopped with them, whenever I gave them something negative about the shop (like answering no to a yes no question and explaining the no), or talking about something I saw that needed attention) it was questioned heavily until they found a way to qualify the question that would negate the answer I gave. One of the MSC's clients handed this MSC their walking papers when the client saw that consumer surveys from the receipts gave them vastly different feedback than the MS reports gave them. It became big news when that was revealed.
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