Would love to do a report after this experience.

I went to Olympia yesterday. The only associate was looking at paperwork at the register. No greeting. No acknowledgement. I walked over and he asked if I needed help. I asked where the running shoes would be. He sarcastically told me they were on the shoe wall and went back to his paperwork.

Of course they are on the shoe wall. But there were several hundred shoes there. Where on the shoe wall? Front? Back? Top? Bottom? By brand? This was what I was asking. I also wanted him to know I was there in case I wanted to try one.

Anyway, rant over. Does anyone know if Olympia is shopped? I know you can't tell me the company, but if I know it is, I will go looking for it.

Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.

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Yes it was shopped. It was personally shopped by a company whom was recently (within the past year) bought out by another MSC. I don't know if the new "MSC" shops this retailconfused smiley. Hope this helps.smiling smiley
It was shopped but I have not seen it in a few years. MSP that had it is one of slowest paying out there.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I have had excellent results with contacting corporate directly to inform them of extremely bad or good service. Just go to the website and find the "contact us" link. I once received a personal phone call from a high level credit card executive.

On another occasion at a sub shop, the employee was scowling, slamming the metal racks around, and behaving in a very hostile manner toward customers. She was much nicer the next time after I had complained to the owner about her.
My rule is that, if I'm not shopping for work, tell a mgr or corporate. I believe in giving kudos when I can, but also, I firmly believe in letting co's know when someone is NOT doing their job... email them!
I am probably in better shape than the 47 and younger shoppers. I don't like the age limit. People of all ages jog, walk, hike and yes I see a 90 year old man who jogs every day. I clocked in 100 miles for the month of June. I am in my 70s. I walk 4 miles along the beach almost everyday.
Hmmm. My thought is that my mindset at 47 was different than it is now at 62. The MSC was probably instructed to pinpoint a certain target market.
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