Gas Station Audits - How Have the Assignements Changed Since 2012-13?

During the period of 2012-2013, I performed several hundred gas station audits for MF and Maritz, in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now I plan on returning to do these shops. Is it still possible to perform long routes for MF, picking up the bonused $50 shops? Or is there a limit to the number of shops that can be performed? And are the Maritz assignments pretty much the same as they were?
Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Maritz just made me redo my profile. I had to answer questions like "what is the speed of your modem? 300 baud, 14.4k baud, 56k or above" and "tell us what provider you use to connect to the World Wide Web. AOL, Prodigy, NetZero"
No. Not much has changed at Maritz.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Maritz modem speed hmm does hamster speed work. What provider hmm netscape. Okay I'm done taking pot shots tonight.

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