Direct Deposit

I have noticed a lot of companies ask for your bank information to pay by direct deposit. I have not signed up for any of these companies yet because I am worried about giving that kind of information out. If anyone has any experience with this please let me know.



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I have only run into one asking for paypal or social security number I would be very very carefully about handing over your bank info that gives them full access to it to deposit and if its a bad company to take all they want out because they now have your permission Do it the safer way and open a free papal account and yes papal does ask for account verification but theres more control at least a little bit Or the third option is to open a account at a bank just for that purpose they only cost 25 dollars in a lot of cases then you don't keep anything but the minimum in the account and theres nothing but overdraw charges to worry about allot better then someone taking all you have!! I myself and others should be allot more carefully about handing out my social security number to all these sites but have gotten lazy and not worried about it But you really should check every thing you can about a company first the better business Biro and everything else you can dig up before handing info over its your life and only takes the blink of a eye to loose it all to someone else
I shop for a few different companies and I have direct deposit with some of them and have had no problems. I also have paypal because some companies ask for paypal accounts. This is a free service so it is worth it you can transfer the money to your bank account or get them to send you a paper check. They do charge you if they send a check but a transfer to yur bank account is free. I have been dooing this for almost a year and have not had any prolems
I just started this and it makes me real nervous to hand over my bank acct number because I had my ID stolen years ago and it was a mess. There was one company that I provided the info to after careful research to make sure they were a good and real company. They wanted my acct #, drivers # and SSI# faxed to them, and I didn't like faxing all that to them. I mean what if I sent all that to the wrong fax number. Yikes. But they got it and sent a confirmation so I was breathing easier. They cannot get your money out unless they have your pin or if they really are criminals I guess they could go have checks made up in your name and forge your signature. But you have recourse with ID Theft, and you get your money back. At least I did. I had discovered that someone made up fake checks that looked exactly like my checks and put my driver's license on them and some bogus phone number. They were signing my name with some different middle initial because my Rs look like Ks. Anyway it was a mess and I had to go to the police...omg sorry, getting way off topic.
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