Booked for a gas shop that had no fuel pumps!!!

I accepted a shop that was a 3 hour round trip. I called the location to make sure they were open. Upon arrival the station had ripped out the pumps a year ago and was no longer branded.

They did have all the promotional materials they were stockpiling. Employee said Fedex keeps sending it, but now they are just a mechanics shop.

Am I going to get paid for this shop?

I feel that there is a big lack of communication between the Gas Brands marketing and fuel distribution departments.

I was assigned, drove there, waited the alotted time and left.

I went ahead and submitted report showing a picture of the location (no fuel pumps), did Geo-Verify and waited for cars with decals.

Whats your take? Im new to this.

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Two points. First, it sounds as though you should get paid for the shop, although I do not know which MSC you did this for. Second, hopefully you had more shops along the way and not just the gas station shop, unless it had a huge bonus.
Was this a spotting one where you hand out the gift cards? I'm currently awaiting my materials in the mail for them. :/
Yes it was a "route" that I "tried" to compile. I accepted this one even though it was out of the way of the other two, to try and help another MSC with a shop that was close to there. But since I had to wait on the spotter cards to arrive in the mail, I couldn't do the other shop. So for the 3 shops on this route I drove 168 miles yesterday. If I didn't have the one above, it would have been a 70 mile round trip. Yes, there was a bonus. I assume they needed these done by the end of the month.

Just checked my email and they gave me a perfect score for the shop. Guess it was "E" for effort.

I have no clue why this gas station (who isn't a gas station anymore) would continue to accept promotional materials when they have no pumps. Unless they receive an incentive to... which would be kind of "fraudish" in my opinion. I understand one station I did received gift cards to give out to customers on their own for rewards.

Not my problem though. From now on.. I'll continue to call, check the hours, make sure their open and show up as promised. That is all I have control over.
Yes its the spotter one. I've done several of these so far. They are rather fun "when you get winners." The folks are so happy. One guy had this decal on his car for years and never won, and that day, was his lucky day. He was beside himself... :-)
@apercu wrote:

Yes its the spotter one. I've done several of these so far. They are rather fun "when you get winners." The folks are so happy. One guy had this decal on his car for years and never won, and that day, was his lucky day. He was beside himself... :-)
That's fantastic. I love to make peoples days. My deadline (that they extended for me) is tomorrow. I haven't received the cards/hat/vest yet, so Im a bit perturbed. I was hoping to get these done today. This will be only my second assignment (I did a quick comic book shop yesterday)
I've had something like that happen twice. Same location.
Apparently what happened was the franchisee was under contract with the brand but at some point simply gave up selling gas. Pumps were there but there were but signs on them saying "NO GAS." Took my pictures, sent them in with appropriate commentary. The place was still open for auto service, just not gas.

6 months later, it showed up on my list again, and once again I took all the required pics and submitted it.
6 months after that- gone.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
If you don't receive the cards today in the mail, then you will have to wait for the mail tomorrow. I would give the scheduler a heads up if the cards/vest/hat do not show up today.

I've had about 3 locations that wanted my hat!!! (I'm like... get your own!)

Good luck and have fun! The reports are easy. Don't forget to take pictures!

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I took a shop, even after emailing to tell the folks the place was shut down. They said to simply take photos of the area as per the usual, make note, and submit. I did so, and viola, paid. I took it again too... but I'm sure it will be gone after this. Someone will figure it out, hopefully, but I told the scheduler that I knew the place no longer existed.

So I finally got a hold of her, she got me a tracking number. The tracking number shows they have attempted to deliver it but have not. They said they tried to leave a notice but they have not. I have only been doing this a few weeks and this is already got me scared lol. Im going to contact the PO and see if we can get ahold of my mailman and see whats going on. I hope they will still let me do these. They are a pretty penny and I have 7 of them I can do with in 10 miles.
So I finally got my package for these that the scheduler told me yesterday they tried to deliver on the 24th but couldn't because of no Mail Receptacle...tracking said no such thing. They arrive today and the post mark date on the printed label is the 24th and its in an envelope that they clearly fit in my mailbox. She told me yesterday that I needed to do something to get the cards....insinuating it was my fault....She told me last week they were mailed out... Apparently they weren't. So I missed all three days I could do these ... And they didn't include a hat or vest.... And only two cards per station.
Do what!!! Thats not ur fault. I emailed my scheduler that I didnt have my cards and she extended the due dates.

Take a deep breath.
I'm hoping she does. The initial page I accepted it on had it listed as any day. The assignment had it as Monday thru Saturday, but I also had all the dates as 2015. I guess I'm just kind of bothered by the lack of....consistency. Being this is only my second week with MSing,should I calm down and accept this is part of the business?
Ive been doing this for 5 weeks. It gets easier. Go with the flow, do your best and don't flake. I grabbed what I could for the first few weeks. I literally just started to get paid for my first shops. Seemed it took money to make money. At least I now have money for the gas... Lol

I was so nervous for 3 weeks I was getting migraines... Just about hyperventilated in a bank shop. Just nerves I guess.
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