Gas Station Spotting-Due tomorrow, Scheduler not responding

I signed up to do a bunch of gas station spottings in my area tomorrow through Intelli, I signed up for them last Tuesday. I have yet to receive any of the stuff needed to do them, and have received no response to my emails about that. The scheduler also put out an email for more shops at a higher rate, and hasn't responded to my questions about getting increased to that rate. Basically no answers. What should I do? This is going to be only my third "job" the other being a Comic Book and Online Auto Service one.

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If you agreed at the lower rate it is highly unlikely they will give you more now so I wouldn't waste yours or the scheduler's time in asking. If you have not received the materials the standard would be to extend the due date. Now if an extension interferes with your schedule it would justify asking for a bump in pay. Did they ever send an email stating when the materials would be delivered or providing a tracking number? If not, try calling them.

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Is there a phone number for the scheduler at the bottom of the e-mail? If so I would call her.
Call her and leave a voicemail if necessary. If its who I think it is, she's pretty good about replying to voicemail. I think she is overwhelmed, quite honestly.
No tracking, only said last week it would arrive in a few days. I understand the blnit getting the bump in pay. I'm fine with the amount being paid. When I click on the email I get the subject says 50 dollars but the actual jobs list it as 40 with no bonuses etc
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