Problems with Schedulers

Anyone else have problems with Judy of MsSchedulers? I had a shop for this coming week that I had problems receiving her link to get the information. She sent three emails over a couple hours Saturday. I was driving to a location about 8 hours away to see my son in a triathlon, and didn't get them until last night. She took the shop from me and called me a flake. Really? For a shop days away? She could have sent her flurry of emails Friday and I would have been available, or given me a few hours to see them. I don't understand schedulers who think we have nothing to do but sit and wait for an email about a shop that isn't due today. To top it off she ended with a couple of mean emails about me getting her emails but not responding. Thankfully I have over 40 other companies who all treat me better. Anyone else have this or did I just get her on a bad day? She sure tried to ruin mine, but this is just a fun thing for me to do.

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So the shop wasn't even due until next week and she canceled it and is calling you a flake? I don't know her and don't think she has ever scheduled anything for me, but it sounds really strange. A flake is someone who doesn't perform and submit a shop on or by the due date.
OP, the scheduler aside why would you not be checking and replying to your e-mail during your road trip, either from the road itself or once at your destination? Cell coverage is nearly everywhere as are public libraries, retail stores, hotel parking lots & etc where one can pick up open Wifi. What if someone was contacting you about something even more important than a shop. Really, an entire day without e-mail? In this era.
@Rousseau wrote:

Really, an entire day without e-mail? In this era.

Not everyone lives for e-mail or social media communications, Rousseau. Some folks have real lives that don't include a screen.
The OP stated she read the emails that same evening. Saturday night. Less than day without responding to email. On a weekend day when she wasn't scheduled to work. The emails were about a shop days in the future.

But, the issue is that the scheduler pulled the assignment and simultaneously gave a flake citation. How can a shopper flake on an assignment that isn't assigned to them?

The citations are used to "punish" (sassie's gleeful definition) shoppers so that they don't get assignments again. Pretty harsh response from a scheduler who tried only one day to reach a shopper and wasn't willing to wait 24 hours for a response. I'd call the scheduler out, too. []
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