Realized my mistake as I was inputting report

Last weekend I did a route of gas station audits. I could not find one of the gas stations at the address it was suppose to be at. I put on the report that it was not there. I input my results when I got home and the light bulb went on. As I was typing the reason that I could not complete that station I realized that I had transposed the address when I mapped out my route. I put that in the report and have been asked if I can the shop this weekend - which I will do. Have you ever had that light bulb moment too late?

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Sure. And I suspect it has happened to anybody who has done more than just a few shops. My most recent was that every shop except Sunday for a particular shop starts at time A or time B while Sunday is always at time C. I was thinking it was Saturday when I cruised out and did a Sunday shop at the wrong time. I didn't realize until while I was entering the shop. Obviously the shop was invalid and it was rescheduled.
Nope never...hahaha I make myself laugh. I had my light bulb moment too late. Two carpet places literally across the street from each other but the one was at an angle so not really visible. Didn't even occur to me there might be another one until the scheduler emails me saying there is no one at the carpet place by this name, etc and so forth....oh I was sooo embarrassed and this scheduler was not at all nice to me about it. I offered to go to the other but she would have none of it. I know when I was scheduled I understood these things happened. Not often, but it does sad smiley

I have been using Google Maps lately. I turn on the Satellite overlay. I make sure that the target location shows up. This also helps navigate there. Just keep in mind that some of the images can be two years old, though most general road layouts are more up to date. Add in a phone call to verify where to find a business if things aren't clear.

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It happened to me this summer. I was visiting family in MI and had a mattress shop. The furniture store has been around since I was a kid. I did the shop and later found out the same furniture shop put in mattress only stores a couple of years ago (the address was so close it never hit me). Had I realized they had separate stores, I would have double checked, but I had no idea.
I have done some shops in rural eastern Kentucky. GPS and Google Maps help, but the data is so slow in that area that it often sends you to the middle of a field. When I go to the area I always try to map things out ahead of time and look at Google street views so I know what to look for. But I did once shop the wrong gas station. Same brand, same road, about a half mile apart. We all do it.
I completely forgot about a MF assignment a few weeks ago. I wrote it in my calendar, but thought I had nothing scheduled for the weekend so I didn't even glance at the calendar. MF sent me a reminder email. Whoops! Luckily I was able to reschedule it for the following day, but I felt stupid.
I did once with Wahoo's. Where I used to live, there were 2 franchises on the same street, but at least 5 blocks away from each other. I scheduled both on different days, but when I inputted the info for the first shop I did, I didn't realize until after I hit send that I inputted the info for the wrong location. Quick email sent out to the scheduler fixed it for me, but I had to re-enter the info into the correct location.
@Lurezia wrote:

I scheduled both on different days

I did that once, but with a car wash. It was too late by the time I noticed my mistake. I had to go home to get another car, since I couldn't very well get a car wash for a sparkling clean car.
Light bulb moment happened only a couple of days ago. I found the actual receipt in the empty shopping bag where the herbs were.

This was a rescheduled shop and in the previous one which was at the wrong time, I had purchased plants but they made an error. I returned the items and the cashier gave me a bunch of receipts. I downloaded one of the receipts in my report. Then, I realized it could not have been the receipt because the timing was off. Unfortunately, the report had been submitted. Since it was not due yet, I emailed the scheduler. Then I discovered I could edit the report and I downloaded the right receipt. Keeping my fingers crossed that the report was acceptable.
I was sitting in a branch of a bank doing a shop about opening an account. Looked up and noticed I was in the wrong bank. The bank was two doors down. I shop many different banks for several companies.
My worst was doing a complete audit at the wrong location. Did not even realize it until I started to input. The phone stores were on the same street, two blocks away from each other. I just "assumed" it was the correct shop when I saw the signage for the store. I felt so stupid and what a time and money waster. I triple check all the addresses now. The store I audited was a "super store" so it was huge, with multiple pictures. The actual location was just a little store and would have taken me half the time - live, learn and move on.
Just yesterday I was getting ready to do a shop and glanced over at my cheat sheet. The shop was not scheduled to start until 3 pm and it was only 1:30. I don't know what I was thinking since I have done this shop numerous times.
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