Scam? Service Metrics Group wants my car info

Service Metrics Group's website says they rarely hire "databased shoppers." The site also says scammers are imitating them. Their email to me said the got my name from MSPA and they want my vehicle info. Their website has no one to email about validity.

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Does the email come from their domain, or is it from a gmail or other server? Example: If it is anything but a domain specific to their website, do not give them anything. If it's from, no way. Are you signed up with Service Metrics and done shops for them? There is no reason to be contacted by them otherwise. It sounds really odd.
There's no email address on I think the site said scammers had been using their email name. My email came from but it really was sent by email list

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Well, what car info did they want? Many of the companies I'm signed up with want make/model/year; I've even been asked make/model/year of cars available for me to borrow for shops.

Are you signed up with Service Metrics and done shops for them? There is no reason to be contacted by them otherwise. It sounds really odd.
Not necessarily. Over the years, I have been contacted by other schedulers with other MSCs through a referral from another scheduler/MSC that I work for. My email and phone number have been passed around from conference mailing lists even though I was not a member of that organization.
Yeah Syb, but to randomly send an email asking for car info from a company you aren't even signed up with?
MSPA does maintain a data base of shoppers that its member companies can access.

Just what car information do they want? If just make, model and year, not a big deal. If they want the VIN number, no way!

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It could be very believable as they are desperately looking for a specific auto owner for shops/ audits right now.

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The most recent, past posts on this forum say shoppers had trouble getting paid in June 2016. Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2014. It sounds like this Canadian co. is legit, just not very active using databased shoppers.
I'm not registered with this co. In the past, companies that regularly use databased shoppers have emailed and asked for my car info that's public record anyway. I'm not clicking the email's link to find out what info Shop Metrics wants.
Their email says, "Along with compensation for your services you will receive a complimentary oil change, tire rotation and/or car wash" so I'm opting out because I don't really need any of that, unless the fee is high enough.
BTW, I hate it when an email doesn't mention the fee.

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