Why do companies contract for impossible mystery shops?

I'm talking about shops that have scenarios and/or requirements that require a tremendous amount of work, are nearly impossible to realistically perform, probably do not pay a fair wage, and will sit on the job board begging for someone to complete. Why does a MSC even consider entering into a contract with such a client, knowing that it will be nearly impossible to find a shopper to get the job done? Why does a scheduling company or scheduler agree to commit to such a shop? The scheduler gets frustrated because the job sits on the board and deadline is near. The shopper is frustrated because the shop is impossible even with the high bonus. The client is disappointed because the shop is not completed. I notice that some MSC seem to gravitate toward these kinds of shops, and some seem to tend to avoid them.

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I suspect it is an over-eagerness of some MSCs to have a client. I suspect they probably short sell themselves as well to get the work, just as some schedulers short sell themselves and some shoppers short sell themselves. It is not a good situation for anyone because I can't imagine the client getting quality work they can really use when everyone is sort of kicking the shop down the stairs until somebody is willing to go try it.
Regardless of how crappy the shop/MSC/pay/pay time/bonus is, someone will take the work; especially new shoppers who want to get in good with the schedulers and MCSs.

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What abot the $8 to get an asociate to recommend a washer, dryer and dishwashet? Associatrs are told to give details and not to tell you yhe exactt one. Some MSC clients cant afford mystery shopping but the MSC project mgr./sales rep convinces them. Political comment removed by mod Driving typos
@amberngriffinco wrote:

must be talking about rental cars ? lol

No, I find them a profitable use of my time paying me $150 to rent 3 cars and park them in the lot for a day, and the scenario is not difficult. A couple that do readily come to mind however, are Fry's Electronics P&R and IKEA.
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