When do you worry about your reporting performance?

I've read enough here to have read people say if you don't hear back about your report, and get paid, don't worry about it. I still wish all companies would offer a grade or feedback. I don't need kudos, but I would like to know when I either mess up or could do something better.

But when your score is just a number..at what number do you start to worry? For one company I've had consistently 10s, yet for another all I have had are two 9s. I sure wish I knew what those 9s were not 10s. grrrr.

I would guess a 9 is fine and won't preclude me from future jobs, but what number would? I suppose it is different with different companies.

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It is different with different companies. On a 10 point scale I would be concerned if I started seeing 8s because that would indicate to me that somehow I wasn't "getting it". Some MSCs mention that for certain shops you need an 8 or better, some I suspect let you self assign more as your average gets higher plus your number of shops gets higher. Overall I would just as soon not get feedback on a 9 or less when it is not specific enough to be helpful. I used to steam with a 9 with the comment, "spelling and punctuation errors." When the narrative was created in Word, flagged no spelling or grammatical errors there and I am completely unable to find any in my saved copy, I feel abused. And not only did I feel abused, I wasted still more time trying to figure out what they were talking about.
Don't sweat 8s or 9s. Its a good score. I too used to obsess over why I didn't get a 10. Most of my scores are 10s but some companies rarely give them. The occasional 8 is annoying but no biggie.
I don't worry about scores. They are like age; they are just a number. The almighty dollar sign pays my bills, not a score on a mystery shop report.
Also, some MSC's are picky about their style or format. For example, intellishop hates contractions. Alta360 wants all comments in capitals for their gas stations (Most MSC's hate typing in all caps). Some want description with age, race, etc. and others will mark you down for that. It is hard to keep up with all of them want so if your score is enough to be paid and you are getting shops that you want, then you are good.

However, if it really bothers you, take one of your lower scores and go to that MSC's help page, style guide, or whatever they want to call it and see if there is a strange style that they are wanting.

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I would get concerned if I saw an 8 or under, which has fortunately been very rare and has only happened if a shop was received a little bit late or if a moderate error was genuinely made on my part. 10s are desirable. 9s are A-OK with me because, as some people say, even minor things can throw the scores off a bit. It may even vary from editor tor editor, and sometimes there are just some mistakes/misinterpretations.

Since you're so new to the company, they probably wouldn't mind filling you in on why you got 9s for those shops. You could ask if you want---just phrase it politely and make it clear that you want to improve. The schedulers don't really like it if you hassle them, but they usually understand and appreciate that new shoppers want to improve, so they'll help said new shoppers when they can. The companies like having people who REALLY understand what to do.

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One of the things that I love about most ACL editors,is that they told me, when I was a newbie, when I asked how I could improve my narratives. I took their suggestions to heart and seldom get less than a 9, and usually 10s from most MSCs that score. An * wold always have me asking how I could improve, but many MSCs editors seem not to respond. To me, a 7 and anything below that would indicate that someone thought that I had seriously screwed up a shop requirement, was AWOL without letting anyone know that I had completed a shop but the report might be an hour late, or had forgotten to check spelling and grammar before submitting.

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I don't really care about the score, as long as I get paid. all pay the same.
I never really worry about scores, getting 8/10 works for me and that's the norm...lower needs improvement on your part, but you will still get paid. I never stress, just do my best and it has worked.

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I don't worry, unless the number grade received may potentially hinder me from qualifying from other assignments posted and requires a minimum grade. Even then, I'm not worried about that, as you can always justify yourself to the MSC, if ever needed.

Working as a true consultant in my full-time career, feedback is always appreciated. In this industry, no response and getting paid is good enough for me. In other industry such as consulting, sometimes no feedback or questions worry me because the client doesn't truly read the content, then comes back to me much later down the project to @#$%& and bicker about why something wrong in their eyes but failed to mention it during the initial review.... But that's a whoooooool 'nother subject altogether.

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@Tarantado...agreed, one can always make it a point to bring your 8 grade up to a 10 on the next job. ..of course a good grade helps them assign a good job. When we had our business, Real Estate Services as in
Commercial Real Estate and developing, grades were not important. I don't think I've ever been graded since getting out of school. This industry it is important, and gives you motivation to rise up...getting a 7 is not o.k.
When my house was on the market, I wish I could have graded some of those Brokers. Working with so many different "Venders" (if you will) with all different approaches, grading does help know where you stand.
But still, some, don't grade fairly all the time....my MS's are more than fair, excluding Intelli....smiling smiley

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I always laugh when I see shoppers who fret over "Why didn't I get a 10 on that shop--I get 10's on ALL my shops!" Those are the perfectionists who will only accept the best from themselves, and God help the proofreader who doesn't agree that they are completely PERFECT in every way on their oh-so-magnificent reports!

As for me, I do the best I can, and as long as the money ends up in my PayPal account or comes to my house in the form of a check, I'll take a 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 on my reports and keep my mouth shut. It's only when someone informs me that no payment will be forthcoming a shop that you will hear me whine, "Whyyyyyyyyy?" followed by, "Where's my money, honey?"
Sometimes is doesn't matter. They just give genetic feed back and you are still confused on what you might have done wrong. Also I never get complaints except from one editor and I think she must be a very sad person and isn't happy with anyone's reports. Just do the best you can and if you think your lacking somewhere study up on it. Every time I think I did a bad report I get a 10. No rhyme or reason I say.
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