Travel expenses

Happy Black Friday, I have opportunity to do some computer audits this weekend. I live near Dallas and can perform one or more assignments in Houston and they tell me to name my travel expense. I have never claimed travel expenses beyond tolls so I wonder what you guys think may be reasonable.

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I am shopping today, and I am getting $125 for a shop I normally get $75 for. I just told the scheduler, "it's a holiday weekend, and you expect me to ruin a 4-day weekend for $75?"

So, yes, $1 a mile sounds good to me -- never hurts to ask for more. Think what you'll be dealing with -- these audits won't go quickly because of the huge crowds; lots of traffic, etc., etc., etc.
You could not pay me enough to work on Black Friday and thru the weekend. Paid travel expenses or not.
I am happy to work holidays, Sundays, or last minute emergency shops -- if the price is right. I do this to survive, and the $600+ I'm making today, tomorrow, and Sunday will pay my bills next month. I hope!

So enjoy taking time off. Means those of us willing to work can get the bonuses companies are being practically forced to pay.

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