McD's shops

It's true about the dressing the part scenario. A company wanted to send me to a tractor supply store in my area in business clothes to inquire about feed? Are you folks nutty? I asked the scheduler if they were serious... usually one would show up in work boots, jeans, and regular ole t-shirt and possibly even a hat! -_- y'all wanna make me stand out, dontcha.


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I really don't like the quality of Arby's food. Many years ago, I dated a guy who worked for them as a manager; he told me their roast beef wasn't really REAL roast beef. I've been wary of eating there since. Blecch!
I used to shop my local Arby's when they were with a different MSC. They never made their service times, the dining room was grungy, and the bathroom was always gross.

About nine months ago they sold out to a new company called Broasty's. I've been tempted to go in and see if they fixed up the dump.
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