How are reports rated?

Hello all! I am new to mystery shopping. My first shop was a web evaluation, and the second one was a bank shop. I did my 3rd shop which was for a retail store, and I submitted a very detailed report. A few days after, it updated with a rating of 9/10 and the reviewer comment only stated "very good report". Is that supposed to be good? Why 9? Why not 8 or 10? Does anyone know how they rate reports? If needed (and allowed), I can disclose the MSC. Thank you!

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I think a 9 is supposed to be good. I think of 10 as an A, 9 as a B, 8 as a C, and 7 and lower as not good. Some companies grade harder than others. There are some companies I do reports for and always get a 10. Anybody who covers all the points and does the guidelines right gets a 10. Other companies grade harder. Most companies count off for spelling and grammar errors.
Thanks Jay C. I kinda figured 9 is good... I guess if it's good enough they don't give any more feedback. I was just hoping for more comments so I could give better reports.
It's true that some grade harder than others. It can also depend on the editor. I have had editors who I know had to do extra work because I did a bar shop winking smiley and then I've had editors who have told me all they needed to do was fix my spacing and grade me an 8 -_- It all depends. Some folks are mean and greedy with the 9's and 10's over things such as keeping your period in the quotation mark even if it's accidental tongue sticking out smiley I would roll with a 9. Actually, I roll with 8s no issues.

Thank you clinen11. That is really good to know. The bank shop was also very detailed with a lot of narrative required. I received payment but it was not rated and there were no comments. Thanks again! I'm glad I found this forum.
So I just saw a discussion under the New Mystery Shoppers which answered most of my questions. Love this forum!
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