Compliance Solutions payment

Does anyone know their payment schedule or method? It's been a long while since I've shopped for them, and they are not on the master list. Thanks!

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Can't remember the timeframe (but it was timely), but the last time I worked for them just a few months ago, I got paid with a check. Not sure if that may have been my election when I signed up, but if they offered PayPal, I'd likely have done that instead.

Shopping central Arizona.
I just looked and last month's shop for them is listed as "Paid, 12/20/16." It's only December 13, so I imagine that means it will be paid by that date. The shop was just before Thanksgiving week, so that's a pretty good turnaround.

Kona Kathie
Just got mine yesterday for a shop mid-November. Did not include shipping reimbursement for sending the bottle back, although last time (about a year ago) it did. Can't find anything specific in the guidelines, but the report did ask for the shipping cost and receipt. Hmmmm.
I believe they have a net 60 payment looking at the last few jobs on my spreadsheet. They sent checks like clockwork. My carpets and lazy-boy chair have been cleaned more than once as well as ordering some good quality deep dish to go.

I read emails from them right away and would not hesitate to work for them. Good company.

I would not trust the sample to that wimpy pouch they send. I always pack it in a cardboard box so it does not get damaged in shipping. They always paid the return shipping for me. If they were not paying it, then why would they ask what it cost?

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I contacted the scheduler yesterday, and she confirmed that the shipping should have been included in reimbursement. She promised to have the oversight corrected.
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