Consumer Insight Home Improvement Project

Has anyone signed up and/or completed part of the 11-week Home Improvement project offered by Consumer Insight? There's a few locations near to me and they just got bonused for the duration of the project, so I'm considering it, but thought I'd see if anyone had any input.


Shopping central Arizona.

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I am doing it. Wish I would have waited for the nice bonus. It is easy and store personnel are nice and helpful at the one I am doing. It doesn't take long to do either.
The bonus is minimal in my area, too - I think $2 extra. I didn't sign up because I didn't want to commit to 11 weeks - will be heading out of town for the holidays. I see them listed on the job board separately, but the emails say if you sign up for one, you are committing to all. For the small fee, I did not deem it worthy to inquire about doing them separately.
They would probably have pulled the switcheroo on the $7 bonus had you received it. I have heard many shoppers complain that companies have gone back on bonus offers (mostly prior to shop completion) due to "typos" or the like.
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