Intelli-shop's editing slow right now?

I did a shop for them 10 days ago; they'd contacted me just a few days afterwards asking for some clarification, but I never got a response after that, my shop is still just "completed," and no rating. I did a HUGE audit for them last Wednesday and haven't heard a peep on that at all. Sweating bullets here. Usually I get very quick feedback on their audits. Is it just me, or are they slow right now?

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I did a car shop for them last Monday and just got my first feedback last night. I had to go back and give more detail.

I apologize for the delay. Due to the upcoming holiday, we have experienced an influx of reports in a very short amount of time. Our team is working hard to get through them as quickly as possible. Please PM me if any specific reports need to be investigated.

QA Manager
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