Goodwin Phone Shops

Hello! Has anyone done the Goodwin / ISS bowling phone shops? I'm just curious if they are simple or a PITA. They have had a lot posted for awhile.

I'm in my second month of shopping and getting my feet under me now. Looking to try some new things.

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I've done them. I have had luck on both ends, where the contact gets back to you right away and you can get the shop completed per the requirements and everything works like clockwork and bam its done. I had one instance where I could't reach my contact for 3 days, emailed in to the scheduler and they had said to try the control desk and specifically ask for the individual, tried that and still didn't work. So scheduler told me to submit my shop and state all the attempts to reach the contact, I got paid for that one. Then the last one I did, I played phone tag for 4 days. Gave up submitted my report as I had did before and the entire shop was declined. Personally I won't do them but I hate talking on the phone. Good luck to you!
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