I managed to keep a straight face-I deserve an award!

Sometimes it is so hard to not burst out laughing during a shop and today I had that experience. I asked the team member what Certified Angus Beef was and he told me it was a company name. It took all my will to not laugh out loud. I'd love to hear your stories--what made you giggle?

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I recently did a firearms shop for rifles. I told the sales associate I wanted a Henry, youth sized.

He said "Is that a bb gun?"

smiling smiley
Valet attendant issued a fake claim check, later over charged me for the time parked and then took the cash and wished me a "blessed day." I deserve an award for not exploding!

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Similar to Siamese's experience I was at a high end dinner where the reimbursement was $200+ for 2 people. They had a roaming bread guy who had a huge cart full of all manner of breads, some specialty breads from foreign countries. My husband pointed to a particular type of bread and asked where that kind of bread came from. The bread guy said it was from La Brea bakery down the street.
I did a shop at the daily portion of the grocery store. I asked for a quarter pound of sliced White cheddar cheese. The guy told me he was sorry cheese was only yellow
I did an apartment shop in a xxx, a less than desirable location. When I asked if I would be safe living alone the leasing agent said, "Well, this is xxx after all". I am so used to hearing the canned response about how crime knows no zip code I really had a hard time keeping a straight face.

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I did a shop at Goodwill and forgot that I had to make a donation. I scrounged around in my car and found some disposable sunglasses. These are the kind you get from the eye doctor after your eyes are dilated. They were unused.

Dude approaches me with a cart and gives me a blank look. I handed him the sunglasses. He said, "Are you just here for a receipt?"

I told him that it was a new item that someone could use.

The little sh!t said, "Just take the receipt. By the time these get processed, they will be lost."

I was so happy to put that in the report.

Get your flu shot...because I didn't!
On a grocery store shop in my regular rotation, the store was holding an "anniversary" activity at the same time as my shop. Essentially, it was like a cake walk with random numbers on the floor that would get called out to "win". As I went to the meat counter to ask my stupid question, the employee looked me in the eye and said "go over to the number 9 in bakery, I know you are going to win". I looked at him and proceeded to ask my question and move along. In about 10 minutes, he passed me elsewhere in the store and asked me (in a voice that you use with small children) "did you win?" I had to say, "oh, I forgot what number you told me and didn't win". He looked at me like I was a special kind of stupid. He reminded me it was just number 9 which was the only number over in bakery. He was so disappointed in me. Ya know what I lost? A case of water.....
The first time I did a grocery shop in a new location I went to the seafood counter to ask my question. I asked the young man what the best seasoning was for bluefish. He looked me straight in the eye and said I have no idea, I don't eat fish. So he then he called over to his buddy in the meat department who comes over and he explains that I want to cook bluefish and I need to know what kind of seasoning I should use. The meat guy says I don't eat fish either but you should probably just Google it. Yeah that went in the report!
This is a great thread! Thanks to siamese5555 for starting it. Not to veer too far off-topic, but as I read some of these salespeople's responses, I couldn't help but think that these may very well be the people who feel that they "deserve" at least $15.00/hr. for "doing their job."
You've got an excellent point. They probably are among the ones who think they should get 15.00 an hour.
I recently did an apartment shop that had a big bonus attached since it was in a really rough area. As I got close to the community, I saw police and a bomb squad vehicle at the government complex next door. When I entered the office of the complex for the shop I sat down with the manager. She told me she was sorry but it wasn't a good time to take me on the tour of the complex. I still had to ask the housing questions so I asked "So, how is the crime around here, I just saw the bomb squad out front." I was trying my hardest to keep a straight face and she did awesome.

Recently at a low income apartment shop I was told by the apartment manager that I could not have an application because it was "too complex for me to fill out, and I would need to bring my husband back to fill it out!"
I did a shoe store shop. There were 2 employees, and I was initially the only customer. No one acknowledged me at all. Within a few minutes, and older couple entered. I was just then at the 2 guys, intending to ask for help. They began discussing the fact that they knew a shopper was scheduled for the day, and they just knew it was that couple. Said they do bad on every one of them, and this time they were going to pass! They absolutely catered to this couple, all while ignoring me. It was all I could do to even get their attention to ask questions. After the couple left they were cheerfully high fiving each other, so proud of themselves. I left without them even noticing. Imagine their surprise!
I was in (insert name of expensive clothing store) when I asked one of the truly stupid and "hello, I'm the mystery shopper!" questions that some MSCs require (you know, a question no one would ever really ask, that immediately gives you away?). The associate answered then suddenly looked panicked and asked

"you aren't a mystery shopper, are you?"

Per my training, I looked confused and said "what's a mystery shopper?"

He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "oh, thank God, 'cause when the mystery shopper's here, it's HORRIBLE! Everything has to be clean and folded and perfect, and she only comes in for like 5 minutes, so bad!"

I didn't report him when I filled out the shop report, but realized later, that if I owned that store, and the associate went off on a customer like that, I would TOTALLY have fired him. If it ever happens again, I'm reporting it!
@whiterosie wrote:

I was told farmed salmon was better for you because they don't build muscle foraging for food.

one of the answers I got to that question was that farmed salmon was better for you because they were fed a specific diet.. Sometimes it's real hard not to laugh at the answers.
It's really odd, because farmed salmon are fed a specific diet but they aren't better for you, "wild" salmon are!
I overheard the conversation between two teenage employees where one was telling the other she wanted to join the military to be a vet because she loves working with animals.
Definitely one of my best...... Its a little long winded however it is worth the read......
I was doing a supermarket shop which in addition to the fee there was a purchase reimbursement. I arrived at the location around noon and since I had not had any lunch while performing my location evaluation I wandered into the deli area where I noticed there was this huge magic marker hand written sign above the ready made hoagie area. The sign read as follows "Whole Hoagie 3.99" Below the sign the prepared sandwiches were labeled and were individually packaged in a white bag with embossed red lettering "Whole Hoagie". The smaller half hoagies were labeled accordingly I chose the one I wanted and placed into my cart. Now since I did about 10 of these locations a month I would keep track of what I was spending so I would maximize my stipend at each location. When I checked out I looked at the receipt and saw that I was over budget by 2 plus dollars. I did not say anything to the register assistant I paid the charged amount in full. Upon inspection of the receipt I immediately saw the discrepancy for the overspending which was the hoagie. Politely I appeared at the customer service desk and explained my dilemma. The service desk representative heard me out and at first called the deli area and they explained the price I was charged was correct. Upon her telling me that I then explained to the service rep there is a huge sign there hanging above the hoagie display advertising the discounted price. She then excused herself went into the back and returned shortly saying there is no sign there. I insisted that cant be....... Now the store manager enters the customer service area and he is listening to our exchange and he politely addresses me and requests an explanation of what happened upon hearing my dilemma, the manger says come with me, show me the sign I said gladly. We walked to the deli area together and upon reaching the hoagie display the sign which was there 10 minutes earlier had been removed. I said to the manager the sign big as life was hanging right there. With that the store manager now addresses the Deli manager (who was perfect for the part) Hey Nick this gentleman says that he was overcharged for a whole hoagie and that there was a sign hanging right there advertising it at a discounted price. Was there a sign there ? Nick answering with a deep European accent and defending himself said yes there was. Now the manager says where is the sign now? The Deli manager said I took it down. The manager then requests get me the sign I want to see it. Shortly there after one of the deli assistants shows up with sign in hand and the sign reflects the discounted price I was stating I should have been charged. The store manager looks at the deli manager and says Nick if you mark something down you have to put the reduced price into the system so the patrons are not overcharged. Nick who does not know when to quit retorts as follows (This is precious) What he has there is not a "Whole Hoagie" now holding and directing the managers attention pointing to the half hoagie which is wrapped in a bag stating Half Hoagie. The manager is now displaying a look of total amazement and retorts showing Nick the obvious size difference between the half the deli manager is holding and the Whole one I purchased and says, " Well Nick if that is a Whole Hoagie then what is this one I am holding? The deli manager responds, "That's a Hoagie and a Half". I managed to keep from laughing however neither the store manager nor I could believe what we were hearing and the look of disbelief on the store managers face was one my formal education falls short of describing however it was definitely a Kodak moment. I was refunded the difference along with an apology.
@Tammy13 wrote:

I asked for 1/4 pound of sliced chicken and the clerk asked me what 1/4 of a pound was.

Similar story. I was at a BBQ place where all the meats are shown in 1/2-lb increments (i.e. "brisket, half pound, $7.99"winking smiley. I asked for 8 ounces of brisket. I wasn't trying to trip him up - I just happened to say it that way. The counter guy asked how much that was.

(Note: for some reason the close parenthesis symbol above changed to a winking smiley face!)

NOTE: I'm not on the forum every day. If someone comments on my post, I might not reply right away. I've been a shopper since 1991. I've never done any work for a MS company in any other capacity.

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Once I was doing one of those fast food shops that require you to remain in the restaurant for a specified time period. I sat down at the only empty table to eat my meal - the kind with four chairs all connected to one table - and wait until it was acceptable to leave. Then three very raggedly dressed unkempt apparently homeless people came in and decided that they would sit in the other three seats. They very deep in animated discussion and I was counting the seconds until I could get outside...into fresh air.
Another time I was in a similar restaurant with the same wait requirements. A man came up to me and asked if he could join me at my little 2-seat table. Then without waiting for me to answer, he did! This time there were PLENTY OF EMPTY TABLES!!!!! I may have run out a few minutes early.....
@Sybil2 wrote:

And the Golden Globes goes to...

And the Darwin Award goes to the following employees...
You'll love this one! smiling smiley I was doing a footfall count in a small rural town in winter. I was dressed smartly in a warm quilted coat. It gets kind of tiring standing up for all those hours so at one point I sat down on the ground, leaning my back against the wall, and decided to pour myself a cup of tea from the flask I had brought with me. A guy came along and tried to give me money - he thought I was a beggar lol! He was most bemused when I said I was working!! Well, I am a working girl lol! Just to be clear,no, not THAT kind of working girl!!! smiling smiley
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