Can anyone help me on a "cardlock" location gas shop?

I'm confused. I have confirmed with the MSC that I'm to shop the location as a "cardlock" location.

Do I have this right? I get gas, take a photo of the MID (price sign), a photo from across the street, and I'm DONE?

It seems...wrong, somehow.

If you're not comfortable answering here, please feel free to PM me.


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Is there more, you would like to do? If it is not a four lane or more highway, I would do it in a minute.
I've done so many gas shops for this MSC. This is my first of this brand this year; I had to get the book in the mail, print out roughly 30 additional pages, study & read and take and pass the test. I'm used to being on-site for 45 minutes or so and taking an average of 80 photos per location.

I just want to confirm that truly all that's required is the gas (and receipt) and the two photos.

Of course, I called the MSC and asked. The person there could not confirm -- they just said "follow your instructions".

I just want to be sure I'm following instructions, that I didn't miss some crucial requirement.

It's 45 miles away, and if I screw up the shop, I'd have to go back and do it over.

Thank you.
Sounds, still, like a MCX shopgrinning smiley.
The reason the person on the phone wants you to "follow the direction" is because ---->"they do not have a copy of the guidelines or requirements in front of them".

In front of them, and only when they are "grading" our reports is ---->"This is what the SHOPPER needs to have proof of". (a form sent by QC to the S/Es).

If you are assigned to the shop or still need to complete it--------->re-read it, look for solo statements and read the survey form to see it if says anything different or more" and go for broke. Come back here, after the shop and "spill your guts". smiling smiley

As always, take more pics than necessary. You can always delete after being paid.smiling smiley

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According to the MSC, a "cardlock location" has no c-store, no employees, and requires only a gas purchase, a photo of the overall station, and a photo of the main ID/price sign.

My confusion comes partly from the fact that I KNOW this location, and there IS a convenience store, there are employees, and I have done the reveal/audit with them for several years.

Yes, of course it's MCX.

I still have several days in my shop window....I'm still hoping someone with specific experience will come on and comment. I'm afraid I have read and reread everything...and what I'm getting is "gas, 2 photos, done".

I'm just hoping to confirm that's the correct way to complete a "cardlock location".

smiling smiley
Yes, I have. I think I spend more time on them than most shoppers tend to do -- it usually takes me 45 minutes or so on-site, and I average 88 photos. But other shoppers do them far, far faster than I do.
Do not disqualify your work by the amount of time some else complete theirs. The amount of time you spend on a location works for you. Apparently, the MSC has never complained.

DO what works for YOU.smiling smiley
Well, I did the shop.

Of COURSE the receipt printer wasn't working, and I had to go inside and get a duplicate receipt for my gas.

Wonder how long the report will take, how many times it will be bounced back to me ("how could you get a receipt inside when there is NO "inside" at this location?"...), and whether I'll get paid.
And of course the report wouldn't let me submit it without all answers! It kept coming back to me with "please explain...." -- with no SPACE provided for the explanation! So I typed in every blank place "this is a CARDLOCK location, so I did not evaluate XXXX". Then they wanted to know why my stay on-site was not long enough for an "audit"...geesh Louise! I couldn't audit, it was a "cardlock" location -- get gas, grab receipt, take a photo, leave.
Logon to your credit card website and take a screenshot of your credit card charge for the gas.
AZ, great advice -- except I don't have a clue how to take a screenshot! I did get a receipt, a "duplicate...reprint" receipt inside the (non-existent!) store, LOL!!! And I looked -- all it says is purchase $5.0l at XXXXX. No detail on how much, what kind, pump #. But it was a great idea you had! Good to know if I ever do fail to get a receipt!

And they gave me 2 more shops, then called and asked me to take a 3rd, so I guess it's all A-OK.
I have done several of these, but didn't know they were called "cardlock" The ones I do are in the middle of the downtown area and there are convenience stores, Just about 4 pumps and a sign.
Well, it got bumped back to me for clarification. Even though I called to get instructions, and did the best I could, and followed the instructions, I guess I have to go back -- another 90 miles driven -- and get a photo I missed.

Even asking here did not disclose the info needed to do the shop correctly.

Any of you doing one of these, be advised there are 3 required photos -- the pump, overall, price sign. And they accepted the picture on-site mascot?

Drat! & Dagnabbit!!!

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@ceasesmith wrote:

..................................................., I guess I have to go back -- another 90 miles driven -- and get a photo I missed.
Even asking here did not disclose the info needed to do the shop correctly.
........................................... there are 3 required photos -- the pump, overall, price sign. And they accepted the picture on-site mascot? Drat! & Dagnabbit!!!

What photo did you miss? If you have done GS before, your required ^^^^^ photos are generally necessary for all GS shops. You are only missing the restroom photo.

So I am guessing .........the average 80 photos of the location, did not include something.. Re check your pictures maybe some where in them is that missing picture. 90 miles is.........well 90 miles. We can't be blamed for not shop not being done correctly. We did give good advice.smiling smiley

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No, didn't "blame" anybody here. I also called the MSC and asked. In fact, they were less than helpful. Printed instructions were NOT clear, that's why I called them. No inside photos at all are required, only one pump photo, price sign, and overall. You're supposed to pretend the store doesn't exist, therefore, you can't take ANY inside photos or evaluate anything inside. I didn't ask here until after I called the MSC.

I have asked them to remove me from the remaining shops. Life's too short, and I can't afford to work for nothing. In fact, this time, I PAID for the privilege of working, as the two trips cost more in gas than the shop paid.

The stupid pump topper was "out of date".

I continued to post and update just in case any one came on here looking for info on the cardlock shop, so they wouldn't make the same error I did, which was in this case, not catching the infraction of the expired pump topper and getting extra photos of that for the report. Just trying to be helpful!

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If you have a photo of the pump, can you crop it and zoom in on the out of date pump topper? That's what I would do before I'd drive 90 miles for one photo.

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I don't know how to do anything with photos except send them in exactly how I took them (I hope that makes sense).
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