Just might be my first and LAST restaurant shop...

After reading many posts regarding a certain restaurant and how easy the report was, I couldn't wait for the opportunity to grab the shop. Two days later they were published - I was in!! I was so excited. I had a wonderful experience. The food was great. The baked potato never arrived - they comped that. All in all, in was a good experience. And again, the food was phenomenal. I submitted the report and literally, I do not kid you, the report was accepted within minutes of my submitting. It was creepy - it was so fast. Like they were reading the report as I wrote it. Oh, the world is wonderful!

I was awoken at 2:00AM with what was later diagnosed by the doctor as food poisoning with bacterial infection. It was a very, very long 24 hours before I started to feel some relief. Today is day three and I'm still working on recovering my stamina.

I was so sick with fever that I did NOT look at my phone for over 24 hours. I did not look at the shop notices arriving. Nothing. Didn't care. As I started to come back to it, I realized I better take a look at the schedule and see how much trouble I am in. I was able to reshuffle everything I had scheduled, but one liquor store shop (no loss there - not much for drinking just yet). I could have rescheduled it, if it wasn't on the damn iSS platform. I got lucky because I had my schedule jammed packed.

I guess the only thing that saves us when we're sick or injured is having a relationship with that company or scheduler. I thank the two schedulers that were will to work with me! Anyone know where we can sign up for MS sick pay?

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.

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That sounds like a harrowing experience. Sorry for the discomfort you experienced and glad to hear you were able to reschedule.
I had a similar experience with food poisoning when I did a shop at Barcelona. My guest and I both were sick after our meals and we ate completely different foods. We're convinced it was the restaurant.
Thanks MMMM. I managed to do the three shops I had scheduled for yesterday. But, was advised about 10:00 PM that I had shopped the wrong location on one of the shops. Damn, I sure did! Deadline isn't until today so I have the opportunity to re-shop. Yippee.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Oh, that sounds awful. Glad you're feeling better. It's nice to hear that the schedulers were willing to work with you to reschedule.
After scoffing at all the folks claiming to have gotten sick from Chipotle, I got really sick from their chorizo. It was a long time before I could eat Chipotle again.
Mentioning the baked potato seems to be kind of a givaway since Texas Roadhouse has recentlty been discussed in great detail. I'm sorry to her that. All my Roadhouse meals have been great food, even though a couple of times the service was not great. Hope you are feeling better.
HEY! at least you got your food poisoning for free! Think of all the other customers there that night who too got it, and those sorry souls don't get their $20 back.
Okay, that does suck, but don't let that experience stop you from doing more dining shops. Yes it was unfortunate, but these things happen. Heck, you could have just as easily ran over a nail doing a brake shop, etc...
But, @texthinker, I got stuck with the $60 doctor bill! Normally, I would not have sought medical attention, but something out of the norm happened so I had to see the doc. That was when it was confirmed that it was food poisoning. I thought I had the flu. I didn't realize that it was an up to $25 reimbursement either. I thought it was flat $25 fee. Had I known that I would have ordered desert, especially since they had comped the potato. The experience won't stop me from eating at Texas Roadhouse, but it will be at least a month before I consider it! I've got a few other restaurants I want to try. Thanks for the well wishes - I'm back to work. Three shops today (one a re-do from yesterday's wrong location), plus regular 9.5 hour day at work. Why don't they have MS conferences on warm Mexican or Hawaiian beaches? I need a vacation and a write off.

Edited to say: I also figured out I could have ordered the larger size of the two beers!

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.

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I got sick from a shop at Skyline-probably from a chicken wrap. I don't want to go back.

any one did sushi at Whole Foods store? The instructions are a bit conflicting...

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This happened to me once... at a super upscale restaurant with the total bill being north of $200... alas, it was only that one time out of many. give it another shot!
Anyone with a medical background care to clarify?....dinner to 2 am ...would that be enough tims for food poisoning from the dinner meal or is it more likely from an earlier meal?
Hope the op is feeling better.
So what does one do when this happens? Do we, as shoppers, notify the mystery shop company? The restaurant? If the doctor can confirm it was food poisoning, and the shopper can confirm that the food poisoning stemmed from that meal, shouldn't the restaurant somehow be made aware of it? (ETA: I would never call the client directly on a shop, I was just wondering what other people's views on the subject are).
IMO, you have to notify both the MSC and the restaurant. The MSC will say they are not liable for your health but it would be good to give them a heads-up. The restaurant needs to hear from you because you have all the details about what you ate, how you felt, etc. Notifying the restaurant as quickly as possible can help other patrons avoid your fate.

As for getting sick so soon after dinner, it happened to me in about 2 hours. It can happen.
I've done it three times. What do you find conflicting?

@gene wrote:

any one did sushi at Whole Foods store? The instructions are a bit conflicting...
General food poisoning happens at six hours later. This sounds like precision timing for food poisoning.

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