Would you include in the report?

I did a shop for a fashion retail store. A few feet after exiting the store, I notice I had tucked in under my arm a wallet from the store. Tucked in under my arm was also my wallet, so I did not know I even had another one. It was unintentional, and I don't even remember when I did it. So anyway, I went right back in and gave it back to the employee. I apologized and said I forgot I had it. It was all okay.

Should I include this in the report? The shop was more towards how I was greeted and assisted in the store. It was not something where I have to test their attentiveness for theft or anything like that...

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I would probably send the information to the scheduler to pass on to the client, but I would not include it in the report unless specifically asked to.

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I would not include it in the report. I would complete the report, and alert the scheduler. Let her/him decide what to do with the info.
This makes you extremely memorable, so I would say to not include it.

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I wouldn't include it and I wouldn't email the scheduler about it, unless a question on the report hinted towards it.
Normally I would agree, but I get the impression this was a luxury shop and I would think most of those things would have security tags in them. The company might want to know if there were breaches in that system.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
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