Kinda sad result of a shop report....

I really wish I hadn't reported it...but a Post Office location was flying a "POW-MIA" black & white flag, along with the US flag. Inappropriately, it was flying ABOVE the US flag.

Next visit, no POW-MIA flag flying at all.

Saddened me, as I lost one sweetheart and many friends in Vietnam.....

sad smiley

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That is too bad. I have seen the POW flag at some locations, but it was always correctly below. It gives me thoughtful reminder to see the recognition deservedly given to those who made such great sacrifices.
It may be that flying the POW-MIA flag in any position is a violation; I do not know. All I know is I felt bad to see it no longer there. Maybe it's considered a "political statement" that is not allowed on quasi-government property?
It's sad to say, but most of the younger people who saw it probably have no idea what it was. My father was a pilot in the AF and flew missions in Vietnam. He was shot down once but he was not injured or captured, though his navigator was killed. A friend's father was a POW for about 8 years. He was drastically changed when he came home, not that she ever really knew him well because she was so young when he left, but her older brother talked about it more than once.

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Postal Offices are one of the places where they are typically hung. I have never seen any North but I have seen that in the South, also under the American flag. I don't understand why it wasn't rehung properly?
TIL the above/below thing. I had no idea, in all my years! I will be looking at flags more carefully in the future.

It makes sense. Nothing tops the US flag, as it is the symbol of freedom and pride in our country.
I didn't know that was a thing to check for. I often see our state flag flying with the US flag here. I never wrote any notes about it. I haven't seen any POW-MIA flags, though at the post. I believe there is one at the university near the Veterans office.

It's not on the report, clinen. I mentioned it in comments because I thought it was improperly displayed above the Stars & Stripes.
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