Did Alta stop their compliance shops?

There was a compliance type of shop for Over/Under 27 and ID check that I was doing in routes of 10-12 but the have disappeared. They were an easy grab and I even signed up for coupons from some companies so my spending would be even less on shops. Several of the rural locations here would bonus at $20. Haven't spotted them in a while.


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How long ago was this? I am a scheduler with Alta360 Research, and it has been several years since we have done compliance shops. Feel free to private message me and I can look it up. Thanks!
I did a few on 1/21/17. They're the tobacco stores where you also play the gambling machines if the store has them, make a purchase and see if you're ID'ed or not as one of the questions.

Was this definitely with Alta360 Research? We currently do not have shops like that. I know in the past we have done compliance shops. We do have some shops which require a lottery ticket purchase, but they do not involve using an ID.
It was definitely Alta. It was for a tobacco store where you just go in, engage with an associate, play the gambling machines if they have them, make a purchase of alcohol or tobacco and see if you're ID'ed or not. The ages are for 27 and under and 28 and above for ID'ing. I completed a half dozen on 1/21. I have done them a few times for the same stores, but haven't spotted any for Feb or March so perhaps they aren't shopped any longer :/

Guess what? I figured it out finally. It is for a smaller client I haven't scheduled before. When I asked the other schedulers, they were not familiar at first either. But, oddly enough it came up in meeting we had when reviewing guidelines for our accounts and we saw the gaming requirement. Rest assured, we still have this client, and it is shopped once a quarter, so they will all show up again at the end of this month. smiling smiley
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