Sometimes, I just get a silly urge to.....

Put "I hope not" under "beard/moustache?" when I've already entered the gender as "female".

What's your silly impulse re: reports?

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I've fought the urge to type "and OMG hot" at the end of a description on more than one occasion.

Talking tough is easy when it's other people's evil and you're judging what they do and don't believe.
On more than one occasion I've been tempted to type in the narrative "Employee was a rude a-hole."
"Everything was fine." Wouldn't that be fun? I think that people who do the surveys at the bottom of receipts write things like that.

OK for real, I had a server end an interaction with, "Sorry it sucked."
I'm tempted to write "that question has been answered six ways from sideways already".

Susie shopping the Columbus Ohio area and outlying communities.
Flirt and attempt to get her number. But that may have me stand out a little.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 28 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
As a mystery shopper: Ask a manager if they actually know, or want to know, what the company expects of their location when a mystery shopper evaluates them.

As myself: just sing and dance

FREE Job listing sites; []; []; [] - Sassie; [] - Various links; [] -MSPA Members; link at bottom of forum page to their extensive list of companies
Dying to say, his tattoo's going up to his ears made me loss focus, can I leave now!!!!

edited to add; I f_____up taking this stupid job.....

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Mark Twain

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