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I've been shopping for a company for a while now and recently when I signed on the website prompted me to answer extended profile questions, which I didn't think was that unusual. However, some of the questions seemed odd, like did I have facebook and which email address was associated with facebook? Has anyone else had odd extended profile questions?

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Yes. If I feel they are too intrusive I choose Prefer Not To Answer. IMHO, asking for the email address associated with a FB account qualifies as too intrusive.

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They want to advertise their business on your Facebook account because you work for them...I am not open to that and ignore the request.

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Thanks because I felt a little leery about the questions asked.

And just like dust, I will rise.
I just had to fill out those same questions from a company I did my first shop for yesterday. I thought I was fully registered and then when I was in the report and trying to load my receipt picture I got a pop up saying I did not have access. What the heck? At midnight yesterday I was entering a report due by today...What to do as the company was closed until tomorrow? Finally after hovering for what seemed like minutes trying to make a decision I got another pop up telling me I had to fill out this extended profile. Sounds like the company you are talking about...but I clicked no on almost all as I really do not have these connections and voila it allowed me to go on. It did seem very intrusive asking all those questions. I had no issue with what car I drive, etc as that may help getting jobs.
Or perhaps they want to find out if you comment on your mystery shopping experiences.

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Don't be surprise if the extended profile questions include if you have a twitter or similar accounts. We live in a world where people like to post everything that is going on in their everyday lives to make themselves sound of self-importance. Like who gives a rats ass? Or posting where you were for a shop, blah, blah, blab.
I often politely opt not to answer questions on extended profiles. I wouldn't list my facebook info or my other mystery shopping employers. If the MSC doesn't want me I accept that but so far it hasn't stopped them from accepting me.
Anyone having problems with that same company and not being able to request jobs due to your profile?

And just like dust, I will rise.
I just saw tons of advertising on Facebook from A Closer Look,, looking for Schedulers and had shops (none near me), in many states, i get the feeling they are having trouble, never saw anyone advertising that much on Facebook and i could't turn it off.

Skills can be taught, Character your born with....
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