Completed my first restaurant reveal shop

I completed my first reveal shop for a restaurant. I was super nervous as this is a place that I frequent often enough to be remember. Also, no one besides my bf and mom knows that I mystery shop. Well, I had to tell my friend that I was a mystery shopper because she was my dinner date. It was slightly embarrassed. She asked if I got paid for it and a thousand other questions.

The reveal went fine. The scheduler said I'd be able to shop the location again in 90 days.

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Glad it well for you eyelove, but personally I would avoid reveal shops for locations I normally frequent. And also any shops at all. I would be concerned about my personal opinions skewing my report if something went wrong, and also about the reaction if I returned to the location as a customer after I had revealed myself as a shopper.

proudly shopping in the D.
Congrats eye!!!

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Don't want to alarm you but if the reveal went bad in terms of what points the associate missed and you returned to the restaurant as a customer, the food staff might do something to your food. I'm just saying.
Hopefully they won't remember me. I used my middle name and my boyfriend's last name for the reservations and we paid cash.

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