First Gas Station MS: Water and Air hose check?

I took the plunge and signed up for my first MS at a gas station, Chevron. It is the mystery shop, not audit. I quickly looked over the lengthy directions last night and the only area that makes me feel anxious is the water/air hose question. First of all, I don't remember ever seeing a water hose at a gas station. Do most Chevrons have them? Do most require $ to use them? How can you discretely check these? Any tips are appreciated.

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When they have them, they are obvious. It's a huge silver box. You do have to pay to use them but it wasn't required. You can tell if they are in good order without using them.
I have never been to a Chevron that does not have air and water. Water is free. Just press the spiquot.
If they do not have an out of order sign it is considered working. They only have to have one or the other.

Also if you get the rare station that doesn't have one and you mark that it doesn't have one tue form will tell you that every station has one and make you change it.

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