What is involved witht the revealed mystery shop gas station shops?

Hey All;

I'm curious what the mystery shop with reveal $8-12 gas station shops for the big MSC involve... there are a number of these here for both the yellow and blue stations nicely bonused. These aren't the audits... and they aren't the no photo quick ones that go fast. It says there are photos involved in these. I wish this MSC had a better description before I accepted them.

I've been really skittish of taking any petroleum shops... although I did a slew of mystery shop with reveal type shops back in January -- but there were no photos and it involved seeing if the cashiers did a particular action and there was no reveal unless they did it... those were fun and I cleaned up on them with some huge routes which were heavily bonused and totally awesome -- unfortunately it looks like that was a one month deal and I haven't seen them back sad smiley


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If it's the company where phone calls from little grandmas are the norm then you make a gas purchase, a small inside purchase then do the reveal and take about a dozen or so photos unless there's a ton of no's. I can get the site visit done in about half an hour, rather easy when you make your own cheat sheet of photos to take and I always have to remind myself to count the cooler doors. Once you've got a couple under your belt they are quite easy to do.

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Cettie is right on - 1/2 hr shop, add @ 20 minutes for the debriefing. If you are getting nice bonuses I would grab them. Depending how ambitious you are, you can do up to 10 a day. I choose not to do 10 but rather 5 or 6 and have to negotiate bonuses, usually at the end of the month. A well thought out work/cheat sheet is a must.
Sounds like these might be worth it when they have a bonus and if I could grab several in a day. This way I could get a system or pattern down. When it says $10.50 shopper pay plus fuel and product purchase (required) does that mean they reimburse for the fuel and product and does anyone know the usual amount?

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Great thank you for the information. Seems like a worthwhile shop once I do a few and understand the requirements.
The gas station shops are the easiest and after you do a dozen or so, you no longer need a cheat sheet! 30 minutes total for shop and report with pics. I make notes after each one for any violations. Easier yet I refer to my photos and can see what the issue was. I just take a pic of location name in between shops and do 5 a day. Free gas. Easy peasy. I always take extra pics in case there is a question from the MSC which happens very rarely. Go for it!
Generally you can do them every other month. I agree & disagree with Leslie. I make notes of violations but it becomes part of my worksheet and i print one out for each audit. I find it avoids missed photos and other mistakes and once filled in I don't have to refer back to the photos. For me, it saves time during the shop and for the debrief as well. But that is just me.
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